Kuno's mercenaries fight with their fists

I can’t remember when nor why (most probably a knock-out), but in my playthrough, Jan Bearmann lost his axe and now fights with his fists only (… and either gets killed in the last battle, or turn on me at the end, but that’s probably because I hurt him or a friend during the battel).

If I drop weapons in front of him while in the camp, he’ll pick them up but keeps them in his inventory (maybe I need to drop the exact same axe he’s used to using ?).

However, if for some reason he needs to fight ME (such as at the end of the final battle against Zhul, or if I hit him on purpose), he’ll get his axe out !! :open_mouth:

Has anyone else encountered this bug ? Have you managed to solve it ? Maybe there’s a command to “reset” his inventory ?

Thats what heppened to me first time I played it. One of the reasons I disliked the DLC. Once they lose their weapons they won’t get a replacement, they spent the last 3 missions weaponless. Surely a band of mercenaries like that would have plenty of weapons stashed away somewhere.