Lackluster patch notes

Perhaps not appropriate for the meta category, but I’m unsure where this would actually go.

Why are there never any full patch notes? “Another 200 major bugs fixed” is great and all, but I’d like a place where I can actually see what those 200 bugs are, because otherwise it feels like patronization at best, and a lie at worst. And I know these bugs are all logged in detail anyway as that’s what even remotely competent devs do. So there’s no point in not compiling all of the fixes together into a list.

But of course, this is a symptom of a much larger problem, isn’t it? A very chronic issue Warhorse seems to have with communication as a whole. At first glance it may seem they’re communicating well, but what they’re doing is what’s called “blanket communication”. Essentially they’re putting out relatively frequent information… but none of that information directly addresses anyone’s concerns, and much of it lacks the detail people actually want.


And a co founder not tag teaming his PR crew don’t help.

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