Laptop shuts down (overheat) - tips?


I just started playing KCD today and really like it so far. I also like the more realistic saving system, but I have one problem with it: whenever I get into a resource-intensive environment (in the middle of a huge forest etc.) I risk a full shutdown, I assume because of overheat.

My laptop is not the newest of all, but it still has a GTX1050Ti, 16GB RAM, SSD and i7-7700HQ @ 2.8GHz.

The game went almost perfectly fine on a mix of super high and ultra high, but I had to reduce some settings because of overheat.

Any tips on tweaking the game or something to avoid shutdown? Thank you!

well am not an expert i have a low end laptop i play some games on I had the same problem what i basically did when i feel like my laptop is hot i would put it next to the air conditioner for some time so the heat comes down.

Try some monitoring tools to find out what causes the overheating. Cpu? Or systemTemp or gpu?

put some more fans in

High to ultra, lol. You should play it on medium instead. I play it so and I have better system. After few hours my PC makes a noise it’s too much… So I assume you do not want to spend more than 3 hours in one run. Other than that use dry cleaner for shooting dust out of your inside. You can set your system for high performance and of course lower some lightning effects as they are demanding. By the way, how does Rattay run to you. Any missing graphics, invisible heads?

Might be the laptop power pack isnt outputting full capacity, and the power draw with both the processor and video card at full load pushes too far…

I had a scenario like this a few years ago.
The 20watt draw of the screen is some power headroom you can use to check…
Try plugging into a tv or external monitor (turning off the laptop screen)… use game as usual=>see if you can push past previous areas…

If this works some options open up to us; cross that bridge when we get there… :wink:

Actually reading first post suggests windows is running a shutdown command… definately clear out dust/run laptop on a flat solid surface (ideally cool)/remove battery (saves power draw attempting to charge it and generally keeps laptop cooler)

And as already said- lets monitor (eg hwmonitor pro) and see temps…

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Do you ever blow the dust out of the vents on the laptop? I use compressed air on mine and blow the vents and fans out to increase airflow - has to be done fairly regularly . Really should take the case apart and blow it out from the inside but blowing it from the outside works in a pinch.

Try to Cool down :rofl:

NO! Either proper advice or none.
If you really want to clean PC/laptop hardware, just blowing air is never a good idea. And please dont say “that works fine for me”

If you stur up the dust in a computer, make sure it dosn’t go anywhere else than out.
As valkyr says later in the post, he has to do it regularly… point proven.

OP. what laptop do you have. make and model.
Some developers dont take heat into consideration either because its a cheap model or the products aim isn’t for heavy load.

Also in rare cases the thermal-paste dries out to quick, which is worse than dust actually. ususally I’d say for a new machine 3-4 years depending on the machines location, general temp etc… how good you take care of it.
But I have seen several cases where after a year already, the paste is dried out.

I wont go and say rip it open and find out. If you have no idea what you are doing, chances of putting it together again a re slim. however, its rarely hard and if you have a friend etc with minor tech knowledge, it should be no trouble to give it a proper clean.

Sorry for necroing

Hello meistelre I had the same problem with my laptop 1 year ago. I found that this happened because of overheating.I solve this problem using one thermal paste named k5 pro. If you have not solved this problem yet give a try with this product.below is a tutorial that will be very helpful to you

I also faced the laptop shutdown problem. I tried many possible processes for solving the problem. Then I decided to contact with laptop repair service center . Need suggestion.

May be there is too much dust in your laptop and it needs cleaning.
If he has to work a lot, his performance deteriorates over time.

I had this problem and removed dust and replaced thermal paste. None of it helped.

I finally solved the problem by entering the BIOS, where I turned off overclocking. No more heat shutdowns after that.