Large scale battles and sieges

Try freecell or sudoku :slight_smile: it is singleplayer but replayability is almost infinite…

They only stated one large battle. And 4 castle sieges and defenses together.

Over the course of what we have been lead to assume to be around 2-5 months in-game, four castle sieges is impossible unless you’re just going to teleport to all four at once. A siege takes months on end to be successful, and most of the time it was normally starve your enemy into surrendering. You don’t want to break down the walls. I mean, sure, you could and that’d be easier, but it costs more to rebuild than it does to pay your men to ravage the countryside while the defenders have to stay behind their walls. I think it’d be more likely there will be one castle siege and four large battles.

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1 large battle, wtf ? Thats why sand box games like mount and blade are better.

Thats why Medieval total war better than M&B.

Last good TW game was M2TW:K, later Rome 2 which was carreid by DeI Mod, thanks to community. attila, warhammer - reskined cheap games Built on warscape useless dumb nonpractical engine, which was made for shogun. I feel uprighted after i requested refund from them.
If anyone played Gothic 2 NotR i think you are very looking forward for this game. It’s ability very familiar to play in many different ways which makes the game still Fun because you can aproach in many diferent situation…

I mean don’t confuse warm with soft.


When I asked about it, I was told (by other backers not Warhorse) that developers don’t know how large battles will be yet. Now they should have very good idea.

So I would like to repeat my question: Are large scale battles and sieges including hundreds of npcs like they are shown in first trailers still planed or we should expect something more similar to the battle in beta ?

If I haven’t missed anything, thre was no mention about large scale battles and seiges. Large skirmishes were mentionet instead wich doesn’t sound that good.


I am still at the start of KCD there large battle or siege wilth lot of npcs in game as promised on kickstarter?

There are few bigger battles. Tobi said recently they do not focus on large scale battles, rather story. I saw one bigger battle, probably near the end game. You attack some enemy camp, also shown in the trailer, where you fight with small group of your own and slay enemies, who do not come in great numbers, but rather groups and waves. I still didn’t see siege battles, maybe those count large numbers.

wonder if the focus is forced. having a lot of NPCs in one area can be demanding (FO4 is notorious for loss of frame rate etc if too many NPCs clustered together). having them battling adds to that demand

if not part of main story, would be great to have as part of DLC. seige battles, mauranding bands battling, etc… including mounted NPCs. would buy it in a sec

Hmm.may be we can expect large battles on next gen hardware in kcd sequel

Next gen hardware… what is that? Are they planning to make it more demanding…?

I doubt it, since new consoles are nowhere near.

Just speculating…

Not now please if you don’t want 2 fps in the battle

In my opinion they would have to develop alternative AI just for battles, because AI is the main culprit of slow framerate when lot of NPCs are on screen. Paired with clothing system, these two make adding too many NPCs almost impossible right now.