Large scale battles and sieges

Are large scale battles and sieges icluding hunderts of npcs like they are shown in first trailers still planed or we should expect something more similar to the battle in beta.
I would rather be disappointed now than after release.

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It’s more like story game and you will not be able to siege when you want. I think there will be 2-4 sieges in whole story.

The beta battle is just a small skirmish. Don’t be surprised if the large scale sieges are broken up into smaller instanced sections with set goals.

The story will unfold as is. It’s already happened. It won’t be changed, so the sieges will happen. The only question will be the scale of our involvement.

Also, most of what we saw in the trailers are prerendered cut scenes. Even in the large battles, we only see some small scale 1v3 with things happening in the background.

I know that.
My qestion is if the large scale battles an sieges will bee as big as shown in trailers.
The first trailer:

at 1:22 there are qite large armies and text says: large-scale battles.
But lot of things changed since than and i want to know, if i can expect as large battles or not.

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+1 to TS & i believe that it wiil be. But “large scales battles” will be 2-3 times i think :о) And i hope to see at least one infckncredeble siege.

Most of that video is just cut scenes. The part where you’re fighting has less people than the battle in beta.


Any chance you have the answer to OPs question?

IMO not even WH knows how large those “large scale” batles will actually be, that’s why they are constantly avoiding this question. As long as they are not finished with optimization, they can only guess how many battling NPCs they will be able to put in one place with decent fps…

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I think we’ll only see a single full scale siege and battle in KCD. I’m pretty sure I recall seeing that somewhere :thinking:

As to what then happens in any of the subsequent sequels… your guess is as good as mine.


I too would like to know if the large scale battles will be more akin to the battle in the Beta, or more like the ones in the kickstarter trailer, and E3 trailer.

They only stated one large battle. And 4 castle sieges and defenses together. Do not expect a lot of big fights. They also stated it is not so much based on battles, but rather on the story and exploration. Combat system is novelty but at the same time they bring you history from the nearby locations they chose in summer season, respectively spring and autumn. It is not simulation as stated but historical first person RPG. Game is focused on storytelling and realism. Maybe they put something else they cover to surprise players.

Well, by now they should know quite clearly what they will be able to deliver if they still want to release it this year.

I hope they are just keeping some secrets to escalate the hype towards the release.

Well thanks for the info that I already knew. ( btw curious what your source is for one large battle, I remember it being 2-3, and that was when it was only one act). A simple click would have taken you to my profile and you would see I’ve been around here a very long time. :wink:

Your post didn’t answer my question, because as @Freix stated which then @GingerFOX quoted. Only Warhorse knows how big the battles truly will be. I was hoping that I could get a response from a dev but if they don’t want to spoil I completely understand.

@DrFusselpulli @ProkyBrambora


I´m no insider, but from the answers in the Weekly Torch, I would say the fights will be bigger then the battle in the Beta. In the Beta battle we had around 60 NPCs. They have optimized the AI. Now it works with much more NPCs

I also think they will make profiles for the (PC) systems. If you have a more powerfull PC(more CPU cores) they will show more NPC in the battle…

I hope we will see more than 250 NPC (with good performance) on the battlefield.

So you say I am making up stuff, hey? Then wait for developers to close the case for you.

source pls :slight_smile:

Thats why sandbox games like mount and blade are better.

That’s like just your opinion man…

I found the endless repeat of the same battle with cavalry/archer/two handed cheese in both M&B and the Total War games to be boring after a while.

I’d prefer to have atmosphere, detail, story and a handful of battles presented with care, than a stream of nearly identical sandbox battles.
Horses for courses, but IMO variety between game types is better than all being identical, as there is a real choice for people who want different experiences.

Im not that person who completes game then moves forward onto next. I like replaying same game alot of times and when you have to repeat everything it becomes boring

So in order to avoid playing the same content twice you water it down and repeat it in essence hundreds of times… An interesting approach.