Late Thoughts of the From the Ashes DLC


I ask, why did players have to decide between buildings during the construction phase of Pribyslavitz? There is so much open space in the general vicinity of the village and I would imagine that the more content you add for players the more substance your DLC appears to have. I’ve seen the argument, as I’ve researched other people’s general responses of the dlc, that because the game is set in the medieval era most villages didn’t have every type of building unit but, I argue that besides this is a video game and more content is usually better, that once the village is properly stable, as in you achieve the 2000 groschen per day threshold, expansion is inevitable for your village because it is the natural course of events with any realistic village in the medieval era and is generally applicable to any aspect of life

I find an issue with the building limitation because I am limited to content, such as the Boarback shield, the sinew bow, the tusk longsword, the melee shields, and the horses. i am of the personal mindset that decision making is best implemented when it comes to story telling because that creates replay-ability, I don’t want to replay an entire campaign so I can access 10 minutes of new content, in short, the building limitations are unnecessary for the immersion of the player or the inspiration to replay Henry’s story.

I don’t believe the small dev team, that clearly loves this game, as it is their baby, cut corners in order to ship out the dlc as quickly as possible, however, the lack of content leaves much to be desired. It is almost guaranteed that when mods make their way into this dlc that the new expansions will quickly surpass my hopes and desires for this game but, I am speaking in terms of applying a general rule that story telling should be the only aspect of a game that a players decisions should matter especially in a game sadly lacking in post story content.