Late to the Game: Tourney Auto-Fail

I’ve only recently picked KCD back up and I am still in the From the Ashes DLC. I haven’t purchased the others yet (on the list), but I apparently gained a tournament quest? And apparently it is timed, wherein if you don’t attended before a specified time, which isn’t listed anywhere on the quest log, it autofails? And now all of the forum posts I see about it tell me that it is bugged so it will not happen again. On my current save I am too far away to attend in time, has this been fixed? Should I just give up hope of participating?

It’s been a month and no reply, decided to reload my save. Ended up using console commands to get to the right place so that I wouldn’t trigger the no tournament bug for skipping the first one and now he says there is no room?! Seriously was this quest even designed to be played?

Tournament is an activity, not a quest. It repeats every week. It does show objectives the day the tournament starts and when it ends (if you did not participate, it is fail objective). You may sign to the tournament at about 8 am to, I think 15 pm.