Let [SPOILERS] die or not?

Quickly, before my post; I’m new to this forum, and i wasn’t sure which category to post this in, so please do correct me if I’m wrong

So I’ve initiated the quest A Rock and a Hard Place, and I’ve looked up all the possible outcomes and ways to go about the quests. I’m almost overwhelmed by all the possible ways. Right now I’m leaning towards going the Gallows Brothers way because I’d like to get the Judas trophy. However, that would mean the death of Matthew, Fritz and Andrew, and even though I don’t care much for them, I wanna make sure that I’m not missing out on any other quests the may give later in the game.

For instance, I still miss the Sheep in Wolfs Clothing quest, but I think that one may be gone for good in my game. Another quest I really wanna do is the Hare Hunt going the Cherchez la Femme route, again to achieve a trophy, and I’m not sure I need Andrew for that, but better safe than sorry. So will there be major consequences if I let my friends and Andrew die?

I let all of they die (I’m after completing all achievements). The only drawback that I had was that I broke “A Costly Brawl” quest about Matthew and Brother Elias in Sasau.

That’s good to hear, cause I already finished A Costly Brawl

You don’t need Andrew for the Master Huntsmen Achievement. I completed it by staying only in Talmberg (just have really good speech if you go this path) I can give you my walkthrough if you’re still up for killing Andrew.

I could actually start the Master Huntsman quest without progressing further in A Rock and a Hard Place. but unfortunately the Master Huntsman quests is a buggy mess in my game (I have patch 1.3 and playing on PS4). I’ve tried just about every variant of the quest, but Hanekin Hare doesn’t show up at the meeting Margaret arranged, and I don’t get the dialogue option to make Nicholas sign the confession letter. So if you know of a solution for that it’d be great :)) I’ve written to support but no answer yet

Oh wow. I’m on PS4 too and I could do the quest with no problem.

I just did the quest (alternating it with Gallows Brothers) and I’ve tried almost all the variants…but after a lot of decisive struggling I chose to report M&F to Captain Robard and let them ahem, die…they really deserve it although I feel very bad I was a traitor! Whatever…the thing is when I was supposed to watch the robbery, in Gallows Brothers, I just stood there in the quarry and watched everything, however after they both died the objective failed. After successfully completing gallows, the other quest stays unfinished despite that both M&F are dead…is this a bug?

After waiting another day the quest failed and the questlog where it says that I told Captain Robard about the robbery, disappeared.