Let us examine the word BETA in the gaming industry

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Heres the problem with this “BETA”. It runs and feels like an Alpha, has the story elements and quests of a beta, yet no updates like a DEMO. I love the concept of what is being done with this game, and the idea of the finished product excites me. What is frustrating is that i have a beta in my hands that becomes unplayable/crashing at certain points with no updates to fix such crashes and other major bugs.

I realize in todays world the terms “early access”, “alpha”, and “beta” mean VERY different things from game to game, but i thought downloading this beta would give me a glimpse into how this game was progressing and allow me to test out the progress when in reality it only allowed me a small, buggy, very unfinished section of game that will remain unchanged until the games final release.

The lack of polish and performance in the “beta” is alarming. I have not touched it for months now. One modern software principle is continuous improvement. The limited content of the beta should have been walled off in a recreatable way such that continuous improvements could be demonstrated without revealing more content. That would have gotten the base more excited, as they would see the improvements in performance, graphics, and mechanics. Still hoping one day to start the beta and actually see it download something.

Not gonna happen. Devs said several times they will not update beta anymore.

Edit: you said modern software principle is continuous improvementy but that is unsustainable without further monetary income. If WH involve similar system as Paradox i believe they can achieve it, but right now i think its not viable.

Then we wait. My money is already paid so not much to do one way or the other. I’m not trying to get down on the game because the fact is I have no idea what state it’s in. Hard to be overly confident either because … well, I have no idea what state it’s in :slight_smile:

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This would have some credibility if we didn’t see the game being demonstrated to both Journalists and public at E3, Gamescom, Igromir, EGX etc over the past months. We can see evidence of improvements in almost all aspects in public demonstrations.

In addition to those ‘live’ access forms, Warhorse have shown several variants of the B-roll for both E3 build and the Gamescom build with various presenters (both Tobi and Rick have presented some novel gameplay as well as talking with the B-roll running).

excuse me, what should we imagine under “b-roll”? Im silly internetz cat…

Pre-recorded footage supplied to the press/show organisers. In this case to be discussed by interviewers/reviewers, but also used to describe ‘not the primary footage’ used to bridge between recorded segments and lie under narration or to cover cuts or edits in the primary footage by being inserted as needed.

There are two types of footage we have seen from Warhorse - livestream gameplay (Rick produced one of these and I think one or two of the Tobi presentations were live, as well as some of the early Kickstarter and ‘Alpha is here’ videos*) - and discussion of pre-recorded footage.

*Notable for some bugs, and a risk of failure to run &/or crashes - which is why B-Roll is safer for scheduled broadcast performance, although the game is being played live in the Press and Public halls.

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They said that they wanted to concentrate on making the game more than using too much resources for just the beta. I wish tha people would look up this post before pre ordering so they know what the beta is like. As far as what is the point of pre ordering well… Whats the point of pre ordering of any game nowadays? I backed them on kickstarter so idk if thats also considered pre ordering.

I’m not sure what you mean’ “can’t do that”. I’ve lost track of how many bug reports and suggestions I’ve had acknowledged and investigated or changed, but it was standing at more than 20 when I last counted up, and there have been a few more since watching the footage from E3 and Gamescom. I don’t think there is much left now that could be reported from the beta that hasn’t been changed or already reported by others but a year and a half ago… there was a fair bit that could be done.

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People can´t get Beta access with a preorder. The beta was exclusively for the supporters of our crowdfunding campaign and for media. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is not a typical early access game. There is no early access for Kingdom Come: Deliverance for people who preorder it on Steam.