Let us examine the word BETA in the gaming industry


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A few months back i received an i7 3770 cpu and this month i was able to buy the rest for this system.
I’ve tested the beta again with, Asus P8P67-EVO (Normal Mode), i7 3770 (3,40), 16 GB DDR 1333, GTX 760 2 GB and it runs really smooth… okay traveling around the beta world gives me sometimes a lag or three but i am very suprised! oO 4GB RAM more and a new CPU… and this result?! oO I’m excited to the final version, its performance and whether the graphics is still appropriate.


What fps are you getting? I usually get 20-28 fps. I have 16 gb of ram but… If you get good results with 4 the hot damn!


4 more. He did have 12 and a weak CPU. Now he has 16 with a better one.

I’ve also just today ordered an i7 3770K, as I outgrew the older i5 2400, and that is the cheapest upgrade path I have (anything else would require new motherboard (and maybe new memory too) for minimal improvement over this old LGA1155 chip). (Here’s hoping it gives a noticeable enhancement…)


Correct, before 12, now 16 RAM.
And CPU upgrade was from FX-6200 Series to i7. I have around 25-32 fps.
25-28 fps are around the area of samopesh.
But i did some tweaks in NVIDIA control center. added profile for exe!
I wonder if KCD has or will have an adaptive vsync?


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