Let your friends grab a free copy of KCD "Digital Edition"

Hi friends,

if you have people and friends that would love to get the game but are short on money or not able to efford the game for any reason, tell them about the Friday give away on Twitter. They can win a copy of the Full Game (digital version) if they write with a few words why they should get the game under the Hashtag #wantkcd Feel free to support them with your own ideas /reasons. Unfortunately Bakers and members of the WH team not allowed to participate as candidates. :stuck_out_tongue:

Again to win: follow @warhorse and @Pan_1972 on Twitter
Write a two liner “why the want the game” under the hashtag #wantkcd

Here is the tweet: https://twitter.com/Pan_1972/status/751413770702970880




Hmm, that hashtag just looks wrong…

you saw #wanked too huh?

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hehe, why whats on your mind? :wink:

#wantkcd vS. #wanked hehe true, next time we should avoid souch similarities :smiley:

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Well, this don´t has to be a bad thing at all I assume… :smiley: