Lethean Water resets the perk 'Takedown'

There are some perks you get for free like ‘First Aid I’, ‘Perfect Block’ and ‘Wrong Edge’. Lethean Water doesn’t reset those except for ‘Takedown’, a stealth perk given to the player at the start of the game. If you want to get it back after using Lethean Water, you have to spend a perk you got for increasing the stealth skill so you actually lose one perk by using the respec potion. Could you please fix this with the next patch? Thank you!


We are working on it. Thank you for letting us know.


This is one of two bugs I’ve found in more than 60 hours of playtime so you already did a great job.


This bug is still not fixed in version 1.5. A properly working respec potion would be really nice…

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STILL not fixed in 1.7

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FFS still not fixed.

Work around…

In game open your console with `

Then type this in… cheat_add_perk id:e1256788-29bd-4265-b055-a1df6cd9160d

Hello, the bug is still here.
I also noticed that I get 2 more points in vitality than I had, which is nice cause I can take the lass perk I missed but at the same time there is 1 perk point you can’t spend.

This bug is also still in the Game. Despite a Post from May 2018 that says “We are working on it”, whatever that means. :disappointed:

FFS this is still not fixed?

Ok, here’s some motivation for you guys. Fix this bug and I’ll buy all DLCs. Deal?

May 6, 2019.

Has it been fixed, yet?

I just found out that my idea of getting all the stat-boosting perks is going to backfire once I get my base stats close to level 20.

I have Balanced Diet (+1 Agi & Vit), Juggler, (+2 Agi), Savage (+1 Str, Agi, Vit, & Spc out of town), Sadist (+1 Str when enemy bleeds), and Camouflage (+30% Stealth when crouched and still).

These all become non-perks or non-existent perks once my levels are capped, according to many accounts given by others online.

Seems like using a Lethean Potion could be even worse than having those perks. I prefer stealth, so it would affect me directly.

It would indeed be nice, if we could get some feedback on the issue. I don’t have the game installed atm and even if I did I don’t want to start a new playthrough just to find out this wasn’t fixed.

In 1.9, after drinking Lethean Water, Henry keeps his Takedown perk.
If you lost the perk due the Lethean Water in previous versions, another drink of Lethen Water on 1.9 should give it back to you.


Thank you very much!