Leveling archery

Hello, so to leveling up archery you can: shoot at targets, hunting, shooting enemyes, shooting animals like sheeps or dogs or so. Or of course pay someone to teach you it. Which is the fastest way?

The fastest way? What’s wrong with the slowest way. Savour the game, take it all in, drink in the vistas as you ramble around the land. And heaven forbid that you may actually role play. PTFFF.
It’s not about speed, it’s about the journey, the adventure, the experience.

Rant over. Now, where’s my cocoa?


Practice shooting farm animals up close but make sure no one is looking.

Or, you could just answer his question.

The fastest way that I’ve found is to use your bow while clearing out bandit camps or hunting.

Very sorry, i don’t want to rush the game but i wonder myself in a top chart which is the fastest way down until the slowest. I am not interested to become a Robin Hood in 3 minutes :wink:

Blubasso… apologies if I seemed a little terse. And as pointed out, why didn’t I answer you? Well, seeing as it’s supposed to be a rpg, in true rpg fashion you must practice practice practice. You’ll soon level up and be able to use that heavy poundage bow. Don’t forget to visit the trainers too. Nothing beats actually shooting though. Much more fun.

True Conrad, I tell myself to do this constantly

It takes a thousand arrows to kill a boar, so that would be good

No problem. I didn’t ask a way to fast level up. Right now i am (trying to) act like a drunken hunter-alchemicher and i travel a lot in the woods, picking up flowers and shooting animals. It’s very relaxing. But since i am relatively new of the game, i asked some “top chart” to understand which is top faster, down to slowest way to levelling up archer so i can behave myself better.


You generate XP from your bow by hitting living targets. Thus the fastest way to generate XP is going to be either hitting a living target over and over again or hitting lots of living targets.

In my experience, I can generally get the most XP in Agility, Bow, and Hunting by finding an area with lots of hares (rabbits) and clearing them, then moving on to another hunting area with lots of rabbits.

You may get lucky and find a pack of wild pigs or a herd of deer that will stand relatively still while you fill them full of arrows (terrible AI there) but I have found that the most consistent way of generating Agility, Bow, and Hunting XP is by clearing fields of hares.

On a side note, you can generate tons of cash by selling the meat. Keep going back to the same vendor to sell your meat and he’ll have more and more and more available cash as he sells off the last batch you sold to him.

On another side note, those fields with lots of hares often also contain lots of belladonna for crafting poisons and Saviour Schnapps. Keep your eyes open.


Yeah I really think it would be cool if hit game started bleeding out and you would have to follow a blood trail to find the dead animal.


Note that you don’t get experience for shooting at targets. You only get experience when you hit people or animals – or paying for training. Fastest way for me was to hunt rabbits.

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Where are the the best rabbit hunting spots? I hardly ever see any.

Across the river west of Rattay, the swath of forest north of Inn of the Glade, tons of other areas. I can’t tell you every single spot, man. Just keep your eyes open and play the game.

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Lol, well the rabbits are just about everywhere

Chumps is the fastest way to level archery if you can win, also if you can hit the logs 19-20 times out of 20 the archer will teach you a trick that will boast archery.

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After Patch 1.4.1, I have made the following discovery:

Every animal or human you kill, you get about 3-4% increase. However, I also discovered this:
If you go to Uzhitz archery range, and choose advanced - win, you get about 11-13% increase. Loose, you only get 1%

Oddly enough, if you go to Rattay, or the camp near Mehojed, choosing advanced and winning, you only get about 5% Only in Uzhitz do you get a consistant 11-13% increase when winning advanced competition.

So, this is what I did:
Went to Uzhitz archery range, choose the most common bow i could buy (one with low strenght/agility) and went to town.

If you choose Beginner, you get 5% (you should consistantly get a score over 20, or expect to loose money)
If you choose Advanced, you get 11-13% (you should consistantly get a score over 30, or expect to loose money)
If you choose Master, you get 13-14% (you should consistantly get a score over uhm… was it 50?, or expect to loose money)

Anyways, doesnt matter - You increase you skill quicker by shooting 13 arrows repeatedly, than choosing master and having to shoot 21 arrows repeatedly.

If you want to win more money, go with mastery.

EDIT (just adding text): I started this post by writing after patch 1.4.1, because when released, you got no xp from winning archery contests (or so I remember). I belive something got “fixed” in either 1.4 or 1.4.1.

One archery contest that always gave XP was the “shooting logs” in Talmberg.
But you need a good bow for it to work, as with a low strength bow, the arrows won’t stick to the log -> no hit.

Press ~ for console. Use console command: wh_pl_showfirecursor 1 (so you can see where you are aiming)
Then play the ‘Chumps’ game at the Ledechko archery range untill your bow lvl 15 or over.
The game gives you a bonus to skill when you win the game.
You need a good bow, and some str / agi to equip it. Do fist fights in Rattay to gain str / agi. (Talk to Milan)

**After this you will destroy…

I have the game on ps4. You dont get much xp from the little tournaments in Rattay but its an easy way to get some coin and a little bit of xp. Its very easy to win even with my bow only at level 4.