Livestream today at 15:15 CEST


Tobi will be on a Twitch Livestream on PGA2017 in a couple of minutes:



Nice…Thank you King @TobiTobsen for the audience :slight_smile:
@DrFusselpulli or is he already thinking he’s Sigesmund??? :joy:


fuck I am late :frowning:


King Toby Sigesmund I.
His motto is: What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!
We need Hussites :smirk:


Anyone saw the livestream? Was there anything worth mentioning?


Here I got something

Same build as yesterday, played on i7 laptop without any frame drops and freezes. Game was running super smoothly.
Battle system is fun with wounds inflicted into body parts and affecting gameplay. Bang in helmet = hearing problems etc
Each ability has its sub-abilities. For example, drinking can give you sub-ability of not losing your equipment after passing out completely
Game seems “logical”. For example, steal apple, sell it to any merchant. Steal famous jewelery - you gotta travel FAR to be able to sell it
It’s not Witcher where you can wander off of an important meeting to play Gwent for hours with no consequences.
There will be time for free roaming but when someone waits for you, keeping them waiting will end up with different dialogue options etc.
Also riding horse in plate armor at night around people’s houses will make them hilariously mad. :smiley:


I’ll zmacka thoze smilez of teh facez!!!


sounds great. game running smoothly is good to hear


new livestream with new info! fastravel is like in old Fallouts


More important - the degree of optimisation seen in the ‘full world’ and the speed of timeskip compared to the ‘reduced world’ of the beta…


Awesome stream!! Awesome game, i love it. Good presentation from tobi!


Where is presentation is it new or what, can’t find.


Click on the ‘Gameswelt’ link under the image a few posts above.
It is hosted on Facebook, so you might need an account there to see it?


no, you just press no thanks when the prompt pop up. i really like the dialog and voice acting. i’m pleased with the blend they came up with, glad they still kept a lot of the archaic language in there, it adds flavor, and for better or worse, evokes the kind of associations you want in a setting like this.