Lock picking serious issue!

Just spent £55 on this game only to be stuck for 3hrs picking an easy lock in Talmberg… 3hrs!!, right at the very beginning… Never before have I felt the urge to want to throw my controller at the tv in frustration… I’m playing this on ps4… Please listen to the players this shouldn’t be that hard, small things like this will eventually be the make or break for players wanting to continue with this game, it’s a great looking game and I was enjoying it right up until lock picking, which can’t be avoided… You need to be able to lock pick, when failed your out of lock picks which is causing players to re-load saved games in order to re-try which is taking not just any sense of realism out of the game but fun too, please do something about this.

There won’t be anymore changes to lockpicking. You’ll just have to work at it. Search the forum - TONS of good tips.
i’m on PS4 as well, and hated lockpicking at the start (from release). It was made easier, but it still took a LONG time to level up. Don’t get disheartened. Even breaking picks gives you experience.
Once you get to Level 3 you’ll see a big change.

Could look up the possible use of Keyboards for controllers. Tho for PS I am not sure . For XB , think there is.

I am on PC but use an XB1 wireless and use my KB & thumb mouse for lock picking.

I didn’t even manage to pick the lock even after that time spent on it, I needed armour to be free of talmberg… So I just jumped off the bridge and bribed a soldier to let me go haha, so I am thankful there are more unconventional ways of doing things in this game I guess, thanks.

You’ll get a lockpicking training opportunity soon, if you just left Talmberg to bury your parents.

there are 2 other ways to get out of talmberg with out lockpicking that lock. bribe the guard at the gate if u have the gold or jump off the bridge. if you jump off the bridge you have to run and avoid the guards. dont let them see you.

After you go bury your parents at Skalitz you will be taken to the Miller outside of Rattay. Learn the lockpicking torturial from him, there will be a chest that you can pracitice on. Keep practicing on this chest till you get to level 3 or 4, game will stop letting you lockpick it once you reached a certian level. After that lockpick all of the easy and hard locks in and around Rattay. Getting your lockpicking up past level 15 is important as that is how you make all of your money in the game. In all it will take about 3 - 6 hours of gameplay to get your lockpicking past 15 to pick the very hard merchent chests.

I would advice you to learn how to brew the padfoot potion (I hope I got this right. In german it is the Strauchdiebtrank) since it increses your skills in pickpocking, lockpicking and stealth temporarily by 5 points.

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I was straight up cursing loudly for an hour trying to pick the first lock, had to reload a bunch of times after i broke all my picks… many times. my neighbors had fun with me. I also thought: this is fucking impossible (also on controller).
Fact is, it gets better. Level up, pick easy locks first, and balance the picking process: too slow and meticulous will break your pick. When you have the gold spot, keep it moving steadily unless the controller vibrates. If it does, recenter…

Also make sure your finger rests in the middle of the stick. If it just straddles the side, like i usually do, you’ll lose your grip halfway through the rotation. I haven’t tried the between the fingers trick, but i will next time!

Between the fingers was the key for me.
Good luck and enjoy!

PC w/ controller: KB/mouse fer me.

I think people need to stop take a breath and think about stuff instead of getting raged out. I so far never found a end of the world need to lock pick something, you can always get a key somewhere or just go around it.

I feel your pain though, alchemy almost made me break my TV. It took me 3 hours to figure out what the hell all that stuff was and how to make it work. Very frustrating. I just wanted to save the game. Luckily they made saving easier for people.

I’ve had several quests with necessary lockpicking. Plus my pick break even if I’m still in the sweet spot