Lockpicking Bug (Lockpicking gets stuck before opening chest)

When I try to Pick a lock, at first everything works fine, but when the lock is nearly open, the Lock stops moving and wont open.
The indicator is still golden, but the lock just doesnt open. I can hold at this point forever but nothing happens.

I can stop picking the lock with B still, but it will happen at any further Lock just as described.

I was able to stop this from happening for a few locks, but then the bug occured again and I had to restart.

The next restart didnt solve the Problem and I had this Bug from beginning.

I restarted again,and now it seems to work, anyways, i guess this should be adressed and so I leave a Note.

Will Update if it happens again.

-Note: I play on PC and use a Controller to play, but for Lockpickung i switch to keyboard and Mouse.

Grahpic drivers are up to Date.

I have exactly the same issue and nothing so far has fixed it. Graphics drivers are up to date.

Is this a known issue? Really beginning to think I’ve lost all my progress now…

Iv got same problem (ps4) left stick wont rotate and none animation need help (patch?) !!!