Lockpicking change will have consequences


Upset to hear about making lockpick easier. Ive tried to explain tjat the reason why Henry cant open most locks when u start. Henry has never picked a lock in his life and has a skill of ZERO! You need experience and lockpicking will become easier just like most other aspects of this game. I use controller and ive opened very easy lock with skill of zero and im happy with the system. Now they r making it easier. I liked the fact that when i see a locked chest, i may or may not get to see whats in it. Maybe i know the lock is just too difficult for me so ill decide to try one pick on it nust to increase my skill a bit. If i dont get the treasure oh well…thrre are other chests out there n i can always come back when im more skilled. Now tjey r making it easier. So tjats less challenge, less excitement when i unlock a chest and what…are you making the challenge similar to skyrim or fallout?? No challenge there too easy…i can open any chest i see in those games. Making lockpick easier will also have counter effects on the players coin. Its gonna be even easier to get rich quick. In skyrim and fallout im rich in a few hours and can buy virtually anything in stores…BORRRRINGGG! Looks like ill be modding this one.



yep I agree with you. Chests shouldnt even tell you how difficult it is to open, or at least untill you have leveled up the skill. About the getting rich quick its alredy happening.



Yes, make it harder, remove those ( Hard easy very hard )



there making it easier YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I pick locks in real life its no where near as hard as this. That’s why its so easy on PC. even if you have no experience picking locks you don’t break lock picks like that.

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there are a multitude of lock types IRL, most of them are by no means easy.

likewise metallurgy has moved a long way in ~615 years when it comes to wires or producing consistent quality metal that is not brittle.



Yeah no when lockpicking you do not want to break the lock, you slide the pins in the right position. The way they do it in this game is rather bs tho, cuz you don’t put more and more preassure on the lockpick as your trying to figure out at which hight which pins go, you keep the same force on the lock. Sorry for reviving this old convo, but I just thought I would share it with you