Lockpicking on Console (Xbox One)

I was curious as to whether a fix or anything is going to be implemented on console? it’s damn near impossible to open a very easy lock with analogue sticks

I’m on Xbox and open the most difficult (very hard) chests in 2 seconds,not exaggeration… You improve lockpicking just as you improve anything else in the game. Start with the very easy, it’s not impossible. You will level up enough to upgrade your skills, making it easier. I leveled my lock picking to masters while still on the original, apparently too hard for players, lock picking system, lock picking has already been upgrades to easier and I can’t see it getting any easier than how it is.

PS4 player here. Lockipicking can be really tricky to get going with controller sticks but like with most things in the game its a matter of practice. You do gain a small amount of experience even when the lock picks break. Its just keeping at it and your skill as player will increase as well as Henry’s and the higher your lockpicking stat become the more forgiving the locks will be
The two most important perks are “Lasting Lockpicks” (level 3) and “Deft Grip” (level 6)
“Lucky Thief” at level 12 can help with the hardest locks where the risk of detection is minimal. The perk give a 10% chance to open any lock when a lock pick breaks but that is noisy and can cost a lot of lockpicks.

Xbox one…I can open Hard locks no problem, very hard are impossible because its “too hard to unlock” or whatever it says; my skill needs to increase. The mechanic is fine, your Henry needs more practice.

Edit: Also when can I open very hard, 15?

I’m playing on PC but using XBox gamepad, and I agree that it’s REALLY hard as a beginner. I actually used keyboard+mouse when frustrated. It gets easier with the first skill level ups and specially some early perks that trully make a difference.

You can open some very hard at like level 8 but will still get the message on others till like level 14

Ah gotcha, I’m up there but idk what level exactly. Just going around the Sasau Monastery unlocking as much as I can.

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ended up knocking out the right guy and got a Monastery key and the key to the forbidden books or whatever, so Haystack will be more fun this playthrough. I think I’m gonna spend as much time in there as possible this time around…first time I immediately trusted the wrong person, I was in and out in no time lol…had to serve some jail time cuz I punched a monk but that’s cool

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Yeah good tip there the Monastery area and espesially the market square just south of it have loads of locks you can try open in relative secrecy. Not so many guards around as in Rattay or in Sassau proper and also chests inside some building where no one stays at night. Can level up sneak a bit too there by taking out the few people that do stay around there at night.

Sheepy1 I don’t know if this will help but here are a few tips (from someone who hasn’t played that much!):

  1. Turn off controller vibration to play Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Vibration really makes it harder, imo. With vibration disabled, you’ll be able to make smoother movements.

  2. Try to point both sticks in the same direction when rotating the lockpick wheel:

  • First you use the right stick, to find the “golden spot”. When you find it, the right stick will be pointing in a certain direction.
  • Second, push the left stick all the way to the edge, in the same direction the right stick is pointing.
  • Then, rotate both sticks, maintaining their direction aligned.

I think this makes it easier. I’m also only attempting to open easy locks at this point, but I’ve found these two tactics make it easier. It takes a lot of practice to improve, but I think perks will make it an easier task later in the game.


It is only hard for the first 3-4 Levels and once you get the 1st perk to render your lock picks more resistant to breaking, it becomes much easier. I was still in the prologue when I reached Lv 20…

Neuhof Stables have a lot too, but they’re mostly easy and very easy but there are a lot.

Ok thanks I remember that if I ever wanna do Heanry the thief again. Seems like a good place you also get to early in main story. I’m not much for “overdoing” things in the prologue to gain skills like some suggest. I like the idea of fumbling and almost useless Henry starting out in the world. More rewarding to me.

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Hear this man, this is some good advice.

Spot on there that is how I learned to deal with it the first time I was playing the game too.
Nowadays I don’t really need to align the sticks in same direction and such but it really, really did help doing that when I was trying to first learn it.

I was looking everywhere to see why lockpicking was so inoperable on Xbox one. After hours of trying to pick an easy lock, I began searching for any news to see if Warhorse Studios was going to make lockpicking viable on consoles. Only to find out that they think that they did fix it in patch 1.03. So I went back at it for 4 and a half more hours trying to pick the same lock, failing and reloading and failing and reloading. Until I pulled the game disc out of my console and threw it like I was pitching for an MLB team, and let me tell you; when it shattered to pieces a feeling of overwhelming satisfaction ensued. Thankfully, this pile of shattered polycarbonate film, silicone, silver alloy, and dried pressure-sensitive adhesive only cost me around $9 dollars. I will never understand what anyone sees in this “game” if you can even call it that. 0 out of 10 worst game mechanic ever. Don’t they realize how horribly inaccurate an analog controller is? Even with the simplified lockpicking it still isn’t viable on consoles, add mouse and keyboard support to Xbox One and then maybe. With all sincerity, that mini-game is the worst representation of lockpicking and the outcry of complaints should have merited a total rework of the mechanic. This game developer is obviously lazy and doesn’t deserve support for further game development.

people still complaining about this? Lock picking isnt broken on xbox, you’re trash because Henry is trash; you need to fail, quite a bit, before you’re able to do it successfully every time.

“the game must suck, surely it isn’t me…”