Lockpicking = Uninstalled Game


I will never understand people who play first/third-person games on PC with a gamepad.


It’s infinitely more comfortable sitting on my couch playing PC hdmi connection to the 50’ TV. After a year or so playing exclusively with controller, many become proficient enough to reach various game’s leaderboard skill level.


Because I really stink at wsad and could not get the hang of it to be decent & not a typist.

Because you can doen’t mean EVERYBODY is as perfect as you.


honestly me either. but since almcfly likes to game from his couch. id recommend a wireless M/KB then. but since he uninstalled it already i guess theirs no need for that. it also kind of dose not make sense to spend real money just to be good at lock picking. i mean to practice and get good at LP is free after all. but since lock picking is the most easiest thing to do on pc its shocking and almost comical to hear someone saying they cant do it on pc because its too hard . its a little tricky at first, but you can open very hard locks at lvl 3 of lock picking if you know what your doing. ive pointed out how to on many other posts. but then again im not one who gives up so easily.


Is a good option. I have both. however I use my systems monitor. I went wireless to not have wires dangling about and to keep my cats from getting entangled. As stated above I can’t get the hang of WASD manipulation ( doesn’t help that those keys are left handed for a righty) so when possible I will use my wireless XB1 and use KB/M for things like picking or inventory manipulation.


im a righty as well. im fine with wasd. even for u though all u have to do is hold W with 1 finger and guide the pick with the mouse. thats pretty easy. hell u can even just put something on the W key if u wanted to lol and just use ur right had on the mouse. i use a TV as a monitor as well but im not wireless. i hate buying batteries . i know there are more options now but im more of a plug and play guy because its simple. i dont have to even think about anything being all charged up or what ever. To each their own.


You mean select E then hold D and use the mouse to pick in this game. Which I do. The thumb mouse makes mouse moves easy as I’m not sliding the mouse around.

As to the KB for general use in the game. fine and dandy for just moving down the road. Combat…nope. I can’t touch type( could long ago but lost it thru non use) and hitting strafe attack crouch without looking down…nope.

I have a Logitech K360 KB and Logitech M570 thumb mouse. Both have good quality lithium batteries. I know the mouse can last at least a year or more on just alkaline and much more on the lithium and from a tech in a repair shop I go to who has one said his KB lasted 2 years being left on. My Controller has an after market 2100ma battery that lasts days of use and has its own charger ( and a spare). Wireless has improved.
Add to that past injuries to my hands as a airplane mechanic and life my hands are not quite as nimble as a teenager. So; my setup suits me.


You can learn lockpicking since start. In fact you can run from Skalitz 15 lvl lock picking. Not that hard when you get the point. At least not in my PC.

Only thing you can’t learn till you know Simon is PickPocketing


I thought he same thing then I made a footpad or whatever its called pot, well made about 300 plus and then drank it and bam picking locks faster than picking. Booger from my nose!


For me it is not difficult. It requires patience. Play on PS4