Lockpicking = Uninstalled Game


Hello. I bought this game at launch but sat on it until today because I got distracted by another game. I created this forum account just to say:

I’m 118 minutes into the game and reached the first “Easy” lockpicking minigame option in the beginning of the game (getting 4 lockpicks from my friend). After trying it several times on PC with a controller, I’m afraid it’s just giving me a sign of how the rest of the game is going to go. I’m uninstalling. This might seem petty but I don’t have the patience anymore to deal with game companies releasing another shortsighted, poorly implemented game mechanic just to appear like they are being “creative”.

I learned how to pick modern locks as a teenager and trust me, this stupid minigame is infinitely more difficult as a complete layman. Seriously, wth were you thinking? You got my money, so I guess, you win in this scenario. Hope you’re happy.


Lock picking is completely optional and there’s never a main quest where it’s required in order to progress. Many quests have more than one way to complete them so if you aren’t good at something you aren’t required to do it a certain way.

Like you, I play on PC but use a controller. I quickly took some advice and switched to using the keyboard and mouse when trying to pick locks because it’s much easier. Once you level lock picking to level 6 and get the “Lasting lockpick” and “Luck of the drunk” perks there’s not a chest in the game that you can’t try to open.


I do not know why everyone likes the damned abominations of thieves.
Everyone must use the lockpicking! Why the hell?
Is everyone since Thief so lazy to play a game without stealing?!
I’ve did it a one time at the start of the game, in Tutorial.
The Oblivion Lockpicking mini-game would have fit better into KCD world.
So for me, No Oblivion system = No lockpicking in the whole game!
Thief 2014 did the same and they replaced the Oblivion visual with a three point system for controllers. Laughing out Loud! But Eidos transformed into something which Ubisoft is with ASCR


ok…bye bye…


A nother call of #### town bunny hopper that not play the game of the year 2018 because its not give some loot boxes and no battel royal . We will not miss you :rofl::open_mouth::relaxed:


As mentioned, you should swap to keyboard, it is so easy and I laugh when people complain about it being too hard, I levelled up my lockpicking skill to max probably as first skill, you simply get better by opening more and more, there would be no point of having to buy multiple lockpicks or break them if it was so damn easy at start. But first of all, if you can not open up easy lock with 4 locks, then you should not even play games anymore, anything will be too hard for you. I do not agree that action games should be so easy and just hack and slash through hordes of enemies like you are super hero. Same applies for any feature inside a game that should keep the challenge and not make everything easy for you.


On my first tests with the controls in lockpicking challenges i got the confirmation of my own words after it was added in alpha/beta times. Toooooo easy, every lock is easy if you reached a specific stage for it level. :blush:


I think there’s the problem with controller, f.e. Xbox or PS4. It’s hard to stay calm. And it is not easy to lockpick even very easy chests.


Everybody is not good like you are.
Its true that lockpicking on a ps4 is super hard, even very easy chest.




I really don’t understand all those complains about lockpicking. I play on PS4 and I’m a master of lockpicking, even better when I’m drunk, in the game of course.
In my opinion it’s very well implemented and gets easyer when you improve the skill.
Even using a controller you can feel the vibration when the lock is near to be open or the lock pick to be broken. :smirk:


That is right but really, only one chest with no skill and he is uninstalling?!
Yes, kk, normal, if you did not increase the lockpicking ability by one point, it’s understandable that it will not work on the first try. In real life, i also managed everything at the first try?!
But i guess i’ll just try it on console 10 times and then i’ll beat the others too.
And by the way, my first attempt was not successful either. As with many other players.

EDIT: For me, the best lockpicking system was in Gothic 1 and 2
But the best visual for that was in Oblivion


The OP to me seems to be the Hold my hand thru the game and make it easy for me type of player.
Personally tho I’m on pc and use an XB1 wireless controller but use option of the KB/ thumb mouse to pick.


I’ll take the bait since I haven’t turned off email alerts yet for this forum.

Please don’t be a condescending pr*ck. I’ve given my opinion and haven’t ever implied that others are idiots for liking it. it’s just not going to work for me. It is a huge pet peeve of mine when a videogame touts “ULTRA REALISM”, then puts something in the game that is unbelievably unrealistic, just for the sake of trying to innovate or create artificial difficulty.

I was picking modern locks in my first day of being taught…as a child. Are you trying to convince me that medieval, HUGE KEYHOLE, locks take 10x more dexterity and skill to pick than a modern door lock? B*tch please.

I uninstalled because i’m burned out on overlooking horrible design decisions in games. That is not 100% warhorse’s fault, but it’s certainly one straw in a 100 straws that has “broken the camel’s back” in my head so to speak. Perhaps I’ll return when i’m ready to play games again.

P.S. Medieval locks were not difficult to pick because they were complicated. They were difficult to pick because almost NOBODY in society could get the tools or had knowledge to make them, thus almost nobody was picking locks. Fact. Besides, 99/100 times a thief would just smash the case itself open, bypassing the lock (something I don’t think can be done in this ULTRA REALISTIC game…).


then why have a lot of others succeeded where you fail.

I recently DL Deus Ex from GoG with a revision mod. I played it years ago and thought to givit a try again. with the revision DLC it seems harder but I am not uninstalling it because of that. just taking breaks till in the mood again to try.

Trying to relate IRL picking with the game seems ….unwise. and a false trail. It is a game mechanic not RL


As for clarification Marilyn MonBro , you learn that in the game.
So you uninstalled a game, which you want to be only a game, that it teaches you something which is normal for rpg’s!? Holy is that funny.
And yeah kk, you’ve managed to unlock a lock, on your first try, as a child?! Yeah you can unlock everything for sure! But Biatch yourself, please! I have a lot of examples that proofs that there are a lot of dumb people in that time and later too. But i guess you know that.

But that is true. It is tradition to use systems which arrived more successfully.
Maybe if the Mod support is out you can expect some changes and maybe someone can transform that into something different.

Program something first by yourself you little newcomer of modern lockpicking days. Fact :scream:
So bye Amadeus Brozart


well if hes not smart enough to not use the controller instead of a mouse and keyboard when lock picking ,then i can only imagine what the rest of the game would be like for him. im kinda glad he gave up so quick.


“DURRHURR you say game is atrociously optimized for controllers, DURRHURR Warhorse shouldn’t be expected to optimize their games for peripherals they advertise supporting, DURRHURR stop using controller noob, you are the problem.”

That’s you. That’s what you sound like.


If you dislike the game so much why are you still here? thought you gave your sign off.


I’ve gotten lockpicking to at least level 15 on three separate games.