Log in - not working


Tried to log in to game, used old login, nothing, used new login , nothing, tried to change login, nothing - can’t play game



Log in to the launcher, you mean? What is your username on our website, please?


Hi there,

Umm - asterixtg
Here’s the message I get - “Error has occurred while validating access: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation”

Many thanks,


Your profile seems ok, but I cant see your pledge here on forum badge, probably different email on the website and on the forum? Will check with our tech dpt. Thanks!


was this issue resolved? i’m having the same problem!


Can you please report at support.kingdomcomerpg.com?


Yup, will do - keep wanting to play but can’t even refresh the beat launcher now.


I’m getting bored now - I had a couple of goes months back, but since I haven’t been able to log in, or even get to the launcher, I’m not going to hold my breath.

Can you please sort soon - I’ve also tried to submit a report but I can’t see where to do so, I can only see other people’s reports and nowhere to submit.

I’ve changed my forum password so that it doesn;t have a character in it now - will this be the same password for credentials?

Giving up. :frowning: just keep the money - I can’t be bothered now.



Game Launcher File.


note: Problem solved