Log pile on top of Bandits body

It seems like the quest “Questions and Answers” is going to be an issue for me to finish. I think the body is buried under this pile of logs… anyone have any input on this?

What are u looking for?

From what I understand, there is supposed to be a bandits body buried here, under the tree. I am trying to complete the quest “Questions and Answers”

No idea on exactly how it works in that quest state. I always took it from him, dead or alive in the barn.

However… as the letter is a quest item, has it been collected to “Lost and Found”?
or Is the grave possibly on the far side of the fence, rather than under the logs?

ah, i see. my bandit in Merhojed always survived :slight_smile:

Same thing happened to me, long story short I was working on pickpocket and had to kill the guy, someone saw me moving the body, so I was unable to complete the quest without going to jail (Melichar is the bailiff, made it really tough to talk to him and get out of jail) and my saves were all apparently corrupted for the past 4 in game hours, so starting over was no option. Looked around and had the same problem, was about to give up, but went to where he was kept in that barn, and low and behold his body was there.