Looking for 3d models of Hans and Henry

Hello, im new here and i just like to say kcd was easily my goty 2018 and the best rpg ive played in the past decade. I know this might be a bit random but does anyone know where id be able to download the 3d models for Hans and henry? Im an avid 1/6 scale figure collector and I was contemplating making custom 1/6 headsculpts using the in game models for accuracy. Any help would be greatly appreciated~

Me Too :slight_smile:

The models are in .\Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Data\characters.pak and Heads.pak
But you will need a 3D model program with a plugin to manage .mtl and .cdf file formats.
Or a converter to bring them in your desired format

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There’s a pretty simple way to do it if you have the pc version and the modding tools installed. I was able to export the obj file for the models i needed from the mod editor. pm me if you need help or more info.

Thanks man! Lucky a few mods helped me extract the models i needed through the mod editor

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Would you share OBJ/FBX models that you´ve extracted?

Sure, what models are you lookng for?

Are you able to extract NPCs as FBX files for new animations?

Ik, its kinda late to ask in dead thread. But did you extract Cumans?

No, but its possible to extract cuman npcs and the individual cumans parts in the mod editor

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Thank you, does it extract textures in specific format? Like dds.2 dd2.6 etc…