Looking for 3d models of Hans and Henry

Hello, im new here and i just like to say kcd was easily my goty 2018 and the best rpg ive played in the past decade. I know this might be a bit random but does anyone know where id be able to download the 3d models for Hans and henry? Im an avid 1/6 scale figure collector and I was contemplating making custom 1/6 headsculpts using the in game models for accuracy. Any help would be greatly appreciated~

Me Too :slight_smile:

The models are in .\Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Data\characters.pak and Heads.pak
But you will need a 3D model program with a plugin to manage .mtl and .cdf file formats.
Or a converter to bring them in your desired format

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There’s a pretty simple way to do it if you have the pc version and the modding tools installed. I was able to export the obj file for the models i needed from the mod editor. pm me if you need help or more info.

Thanks man! Lucky a few mods helped me extract the models i needed through the mod editor

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Would you share OBJ/FBX models that you´ve extracted?

Sure, what models are you lookng for?

Are you able to extract NPCs as FBX files for new animations?