Looking for a mod that makes polearms storable

Hello there. I am looking for a mod which lets you store polearms.

Now before everyone starts typing on how they already exist, I simply mean a mod which lets you store them in your inventory. Not mods which let you equip and sheathe them in the place of swords. I very much would like to retain the equipment mechanics already in the game for polearms where he simply picks it up while still retaining the sword as the equipped sheathed weapon.

In the game there’s a glitch where you can pick up a polearm and get it into your inventory, however the game doesn’t let you do anything with it except for dropping it again. That is basically what I am looking for, just with the added bonus of being able to move it to my horse or sell it.

Once again, I do not want a mod that lets me equip it in the place of swords. If anyone knows or such a mod or alternatively can tell me how I can mod it myself it would be appreciated.

Well, I found half a workaround. Rather than making the polearm take the sword slot, I instead made them equip to the bow slot. This way the sword remains equipped even when using a polearm.

For the rest, I’ll just trust myself to not pull a polearm our of thin air in the vein of realism and roleplaying.

Wait how’d you do that

You can pick it up and keep it in inventory as if you had any other weapon unsheated, while using other weapons.

Just a case of downloading an existing mod and changing the equip slot from ‘0’ to ‘2’. However it does come with the side effects of NPCs unequipping them in close combat cause they think they are bows, so I will see what I can do about that

The mod you’re looking for is called “Spearman’s Delight”

Or you can have them equipped in the shield slot, which I’ve done in my alternative mod version (scroll down to the third download in the link below):

“This means you can have them equipped along with your sidearm, as well as store and sell them. Note that you have to unequip a drawn polearm through the inventory, also when you want to use your sidearm. NPCs with polearms will now always use them in combat, though they will only have their sidearms visible out of combat.”