Looted Noble saddle with 4 saddlebags from cumans now gets taken by a guard when I am searched

I killed the humans and one of their horses during the run quest on hardcore mode. I then looted a noble saddle with 4 saddlebags and packed it through the prologue. I rented a room in talmberg after getting out of the castle via disguise.

I proceded through the game until I got through the ginger in a pickle quest. I left the saddle in my chest in the mill until midway through this quest. I then did some treasure hunting and looting of bandits then bought a new horse. Upon returning to Rattay to sell my loot I was stopped and searched. I failed the persuasion attempt and consented to the search as nothing on me or my horse was stolen.

The guard accused me of having stolen goods with his beyond cheesy pulling my puzzle line and took my saddle which was not stolen.

It was stolen…
If you put something in a chest thats not yours it becomes sorta claimed by npcs and when you take it back its flagged as stolen

The Cumans don’t have noble saddles. You killed a fellow Skalitz villager’s horse, and then stole their saddle. The fact that the Cumans happened to be standing near it does not make it theirs. When you killed the horse, and looted its corpse, you would have seen that you were stealing, but chose to do so anyway.

You also chose to steal Talmberg armory property. You’re a thief, and possibly a pizzle puller.

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Is it not realistic for the cumans to have stolen those horses and gear. Henry is even told by the mill wench that the humans killed her whole family. Therefore the horses gear is no longer owned by anyone when Henry gets to the mill to save Theresa.

On top of that scenario I killed a rider and his horse that crossed the bridge next to where the cumans spawn. The items are not flagged as stolen, can be repaired at cobbler and sold to horse traders with no problems. Plus this only happened on hardcore mode. In normal mode I killed the horses by the mill and nothing was stolen 2 weeks later when I woke up in Rattay except some of the expensive armor a stole from talmberg castle in the middle of the night.

If those horses by the mill are owned by skalitz residents why does it say take instead of steal the gear from the horses? It should say that I am stealing something not looting it from a dead body. I’ve had the steal option pop up on Cumans and Bandits that Henry killed when I loot their dead body’s.

This is a serious bug if trying to role play as a Henry that does not steal things but still wants to use combat and kill enemies for loot. Not to mention all of the other bugs that completely destroy the immersion factor of a first person rpg.

I put the saddle in my chest at the inn in talmerg. It then transferred to my owned chest at the mill in rattay and was not flagged as stolen.

The more expensive something is, the longer it takes for it to no longer be marked as stolen. These aren’t bugs. If you don’t want your stolen property recovered, either stop stealing, or learn to be a better thief. The guard was right. You’re definitely trying to pull his pizzle.

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The item not being flagged as stolen deceiving the player into thinking it is safe to pack around is absolutely a bug. Also it can be safely looted in normal mode but not in hardcore mode, this also classifies as a bug. There are even more instances where the crime and punishment system is bugged.

Just 3 hours ago I complete the In Gods Hands quest then the Weeds quest at the monastary. I then started the next quest The New Herbarium and when herb picking west of the monastery was ambushed by 3 heavily armored and armed bandits. One of them dropped a magdeberg sword and I had to pick up his body to move it off of the sword.

No one witnessed this event. I whistle my horse that I left at the monastary and rode to sasau to sell my loot and had a murder bounty placed on me.

The only explaination I can think of for this second event is the poor copy and paste of npcs and them not being labeled properly in the code as an enemy because they are a copy of some random guard or civilian.

That’s not what you said in the first post. You then tried to justify your theft.

So the bug is that your stolen saddle is not being marked as stolen, with the red hand.

Yes. It happens to all horse equipment. I tested this by killing one of the random horses left by the campsite during robber baron and when I tried to sell the plain bridle to Zora in Nuehof she told me it was stolen. But it is not marked nor does it say in the more info tab that it was stolen from some where.

I have found other weird things with the theif system as well. I stole a very expensive merchant outfit from a body in skalitz when returning to dig up Beran’s Cup. I slept in a bed in skalitz after killing the talmberg gaurds that witnessed my bad deeds.

When I woke up everything that I had stolen was not stolen anymore after only one nights sleep.

If I only have the information that the game gives me then it is a jusifiable defence that the item was not stolen. When it does not tell me that the item in question is actually stolen.

Not that any of this actually matters because Warhorse is aparently not supporting xbox or PlayStation any more. The only support they deem essential is mod support for PC only. I am glad I use game pass and did not have to pay retail price to play their broken game.

No, I don’t expect them to do anything at this point. All DLC is out. The promised mod support is out. Unless it was some catastrophic widespread bug, I don’t think they’re planning to spend the time and money fixing anything.

Heres an idea, if its stolen. Sell ut to peshak at the mill, then buy it right back from him. After u do that ut will no longer be stolen. U can now do with it as u please. Enjoy.

Bribe the guard not to search you

No, I bet you are wrong…

Killing bandits and carrying them doesn’t puts a bounty in your head NEVER, EVER after last update. Except when the bandit wasn’t participating in the fight… so, he wasn’t an enemy… or, you moved other than a bandit’s corpse, a merchant?.

Btw, are you playing an outdated game version?

Or to knock out the guard and take back your saddle and or even stealth kill that guard who took your saddle away.

It was a bug because reloading the save and doing the exact same sequence of events caused the bug not to happen only because there where different bandits with different loot on the second load.

There was never a merchant or any other npc either time I did this. I know the difference because it says the bodys label on the side of the screen. All 5 looted npcs where labeled as bandits both times.

I’m playing on xbox one with game pass so no I am not playing an outdated version. I really don’t want to talk to someone that is just going to defend the game like it is some legend in videogame history. Everything in this game has been done before and better in other games including the historical and realism aspects that supposedly make this game so special.

I did that once but ended up starting that playline over to try and do it without killing anyone. On my restart I mounted the horse with the noble saddle and then rode to the cutscene when the Cumans hit Henry in leg with an arrow. As soon as the cutscene ended I accessed my inventory and switched to my side kick because I had forgotten to do it before the cutscene like I usually do. The noble saddle was in my sidekick inventory and it let met loot the saddle right off the horses back. This time I waited until everything I had stolen from talmberg was not stolen anymore (about a week in game) and have not had a problem with my saddle being stolen from some dead guy that owns a ransacked mill next to a burned up castle in the northern most part of the map that is only inhabited by bandits.

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