Losing reputation when attacking bandits

When i attack the two bandits near Sausau (Rapota) or the bandits at the camp infront of the cave with Jeshek without quest, i will lose reputation

quest: Alles was glitzert
step: Finde den Eingang zum Minenschacht in den Skallitzer Hügeln
Why i lose reputation when i attack the bandits at the camp in front of the cave?

That’s because they’re not marked as hostile. There’s multiple instances of this happening. The ones related to Reeky go into Ledetchko and drink, and talk. Black Peter, even though he’s waiting to attack you, isn’t marked as hostile until he actually dies. There’s also a bandit at the start of the game, after you get out of Talmberg, that is looting a body, but runs away. Despite being called “Bandit” he isn’t hostile, so killing him counts as a civilian, and his items count as stolen.

If you want to make up some head canon to make sense of it, look it as edgy peasants calling themselves bandits to look cool, when really they’re just random peasants.

As far as the ones in front of the cave goes, I have noticed that happens sometimes too. I have even seen Ulrich get upset and attack you. All this was on YouTube. Whenever I played, I would just run by them. I didn’t see the point in attacking them. They have trash gear.

Well, they attack me …
Ulrich will attack you, if u hit him (accidently)