Lost in Translation - Cuman disappeared bug

I got the quest from the miller, told him I wasn’t interested in his scheme and would be taking the prisoner to Rattay, and paid him in advance. I got the aids to unlock the shed for me and found the Cuman inside. I spoke to him but didn’t take him to Rattay immediately as I had something else on going. When I returned later, the quest guide tells me to “(Optional) Take the prisoner.” and the marker is in the shed where the Cuman WAS (I saw him there the first time I visited), but he is not in there now.

If there is any way to find him or at least clear this quest off my log help would be appreciated. Even if it’s with mods or console. Thank you! I’m on PC.

Guess we now know why the shed was locked.

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When you look at it that way…but then I would expect the quest log to update accordingly.

I was joking when I was saying that. next time I do that quest I will do what you did to see if it happens to me.
Which should be in a day or two.

I haven’t encountered much bugs at least. i’m really having a blast!

since i’m playing on pc, and I can open the console using the ` key - can’t i spawn the cuman to continue the quest?

If you know the NPC’s exact name and ID, then yes, you can spawn him in. I use Cheat Mod to do that. The problem is that his name is just Cuman, so finding it might be difficult. Did you talk to the guy that translates for you?

I didn’t progress enough to get the option to find a translator. If anyone knows the exact NPC ID, if available, kindly let me know (as I hate having an unfinishable to-do item).