Lost Money, Lost Time or 1 Quest 5 Bugs after 1.3.1

The game would have a good entertainment value, also the graphics are respectable; likewise the dialogues are well written in terms of their wording, whereby one has to note that neither the English nor the German texts correspond even approximately to the use of language at that age. At least one could have consistently taken the salutation in the third person as a basis.

As I said, there is nothing wrong with the graphic, because in my case there were no errors in the form as with others, e. g. the representation of rain.
Game runs here in UHD with settings between Ultra and Medium. It should be noted that there is no real optical difference between Ultra and very high, so I get the feeling that this selection was only implemented as a pure marketing feature, because others offer it also as an option but is not a real function behind it.

There is nothing wrong with the controls in general, but they react much too sluggishly in fights. First thought this was due to the UHD resolution and the resulting reduced frame rate of only 25 to 30 images.
A playtime of 3 to 4 hours in FHD with fairly constant 59 images did not change this and showed the same inertia.
Key commands for blocking or sword-stroke combinations that are activated with the left and right mouse button (e. g. 1 left, 2 times right or left/right/left/right) are delayed to such an extent that the combinations often cannot be completed because the NPC opponents have a much faster stroke rhythm.

The NPCs also move much faster than you can, regardless of how light or heavy their armor is. In addition, their stamina is inexhaustible, because they determine the number of actions during the fight. No stamina no action or reaction.
The same applies to the fistfight as well, one is often not sure if one has blocked a blow, because here too the actions to be triggered by the keyboard are delayed far too much.
Often have the feeling to land hits that aren’t really hits, whether with or without a weapon.
You win the battles you want to fight, it will be easier and better if you have gained some experience, but under fluent sword fighting I understand something else and fun to do so.

The production and processing of potions and objects is beautifully done and it is also fun to do this by hand and not only by a simple dialogue with a tradesman-NPC to have it done by him or to buy it.
But also here the inconsistency, you don’t select the object to be mended, no you first select the tool and then click at a Listbox on the object to be mended.
There is a large mouthful of correct contemporary history presentation posaunt and then there’s not even a saddler who can fix saddles and bridles, let alone that the grinding of weapons is not reproduced correctly.
Never dry grinding is used on steel, there machining, which are transported away with the help of the liquid.

Admittedly, these are little things, which are not exactly beneficial to the atmosphere as they are not the only ones, or those which can still be thought of with benevolence.

In comparison, the mining industry is reproduced almost accurately, totally cleared areas, as this has devoured vast amounts of wood for boarding, supporting pillars, etc. in comparison.
Large galleries with several entrances and exits at different altitudes, correct representation of the “tools” used by the miners at that age.
Here again the unnecessary thoughtlessness strikes like burning torches somewhere in the tunnel, Miners carried light and it was illuminated what was necessary for the work, otherwise it was dark; even if torches were installed: who should have kept them burning all the time? Other games can also light torches when you need light.

If this were all, Kingdom Come would have been a great game and the hype of the press would have done justice to it.
But unfortunately, in the last 15 years or so it’s been like so often, Professional groups who have no idea of the practical experience behind it but think you need to judge something.
Like most of the writing guild of the computer games industry, which is less and less able to put paragraphs on paper with a few lines without content and writing errors.
The worst of it is that these are also still heard, similar to lawyers, do not know how something works in detail but decide to pass legislation, the citizen pays the bill or here the customer for the messed up bunch of software.
The excuse, we can only subjectively test it, we had no mistakes, no crashes etc. occurred and if so, it’s not so bad.
Most of these reports and notifications are for the sole purpose of boosting sales and not to report honestly on the state of the product.

Mrs. / Mr. Journalist certainly also buys home appliances that only work after a few months, because their internal firmware needs to be improved several times first.
“Then I wash my dirty underwear in the same pot, where I cook, but the RGB lihting of my washing machine is so great”.

Bugs before version 1.3.1:

Random crashes

Quest NPCs not on-site

Quests can only be solved in a certain order

Logic of dialogs corrupt, i. e. player-char can lead dialogues about events that have not happened, or have not happened at all, or have happened otherwise.

and some of the others that have been performing for me. I stopped playing and waited for patch 1.3, because as the game progressed the amount of bugs increased.

Patch 1.3.1 has been released:

The first quest I received after the Patch was „Miracles While You Wait“

1 Bug:
Parts of the dialogue with the NPC are not spoken, but instead, for the duration of the speech output, only one whistle tone can be heard in a steady pitch.

2 Bug:
Can only buy the lucky charm if NPC is in a certain place, otherwise the purchase can be repeated as often as you like, money is transferred but object is not handed over.

3 Bug:
NPC wanders merrily between north and south until he manages to reach the blacksmith at some point. The tooth sequence is triggered when he has walked back from the blacksmith and not when he is at the blacksmith.

Once the tooth has been handed over, it is no longer possible to save in the game, neither with Schnaps, sleep or “Save and Exit”, neither does the sequence of the quest sequence matter, the order is also irrelevant, if this part is fulfilled first, no Savefile can be created even earlier.

4 Bug:
Brother 1 can be persuaded with the right answer, but doesn’t turn away, so there is no chance to take the item.

5 Bug:
Brother 2 can be persuaded to apologise but he doesn’t hand over the item.

1 Quest 5 Bugs, repeatedly stopped playing this game!


Warhorse, whose part of employees call themselves software developers, is a disgrace to this profession.
If you have difficulty moving an object over x/y coordinates from A to B, to find out in advance where this object is on startup, if not necessary checks objects at the beginning of quests, whether these are available at all or are in the correct position.…

Who is not able to do what is evident from the type of errors that occur, to create and develop easiest and simplest test routines or algorithms, to counteract the majority of the bugs that the players report, has the philosophy and technical implementation of an application, what a computer game is all about, has no idea and not understand what software development means and should change the job.

Meaningful quotes from Warhorse’s messages indicate not much to understand of software development.

„…We are not big enough to produce such a product….“ and „…We would have needed more time to do more detailed work on the product…“

Both statements are basically a slap in the face of an honest buyer, the basic knowledge is not available to develop an application of this magnitude, but it still does and thus deliberately exploiting the good nature of computer players, according to the motto if we spread enough fuss about the press we will find enough buyers. Someday and somehow we get the software to work…

Also the second statement regarding more time, we like to take your money in advance, maybe we will get this application to run sometime, it doesn’t matter we have sold enough licenses…

This also applies to Microsoft, Sony and other vendors who are not innocentof it. What do we care about quality and the customer, only important for us is that we generate enough turnover.
We gladly accept the money for licensing our game consoles, the alleged check for proper functionality is only to reassure the “stupid customer”…

There is a general lack of respect for customers, who raise the money to pay for the employees and their families of a company like Warhorse can eat every day, pay their bills, etc. etc…
Money, they get from work, Work that almost certainly corresponds to a better quality, when this one was delivered here, because otherwise these people / customers would have been long since dismissed by their employers.

Maybe you should change the process “Buy game then play” to…

„Sorry, I need more time to collect the money for the game, my boss doesn’t give me enough money because I always do bad work, but I’ve already got a copy of your game before and I’ll pay for it sometime.“

…basically the same only conversely…

Oh, moment that’s criminal….

instead of crying, you should report bugs.