Love the Intro

I’m playing it now for the 10th or 15th time (this time because of hardcore mode) and am still loving it.
Never growing tired …
It is just an amazing intro! All done right: The degree of realism, the actions and reactions of the people, the building of the characters, the atmosphere of the setting, the forming of interesting secrets regarding the father, the fear and excitement when the Cuman Army appears at the horizon, the moment when the parents are killed, the dialogues, the hesitation and moment of fight or flight, the difficult rush on the horse and the relief you feel when you finally reach talmberg just before you give up hope … just a few things to mention.
My personal favourite is the shot when Theresa distracts the thugs and the horses of Robard and his riders fly past her. Amazing camera and scene setup!
Also the video with the credits when Theresa brings you to Rattay, always enjoy watching it and listening to the music.

Others who played the intro said the same: There has never been a march of an army as realistically frightening as this one. Maybe only the arrival of the Oliphants in the final battle of Lord of the Rings is comparable, but also different. Because in Lord of the Rings you kind of know all will end well.
In Kingdom Come you know you’re f’cked.

And all with the sun playing on the poppies in the meadows.

Huge appreciation for this particularly well done part of your little gem!
Will report back when I’m further down the line, maybe past the runt quest, because something’s always keeping me from the main story, as always :grin:


It’s unfortunate that WH was able to bring more of the army and the army in my profile pick into the actual gameplay, but otherwise agree the set up for KCD is a great work

Maybe integrating it into the game (even IF it worked like a charm and didn’t blow up your PC) would kind of rip it off its magic. Because part of this magic consists of complete powerlessness.

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Part of it is in the game… the horse archers in Run. I’d argue a passing horse archer or two during Homecoming especially in Hardcore mode would mess with your stress level… as would seeing the black shield w yellow insignia soldiers in my avatar

Ah yes. I thought you meant fighting against the whole army …

No, that’d cause a kingdom come meltdown

?“Kingdom Came: Delivered”

Yeah- though some of your suggestions to assist/lower cpu usage and graphics push during large scale fights might net a few more fps/potential for a few more armourclad warriors to run around the flower fields.

Perhaps a trample effect could flatten all vegetation in army path (more fps/potential) netted.

And a fear based screen blur that ‘vaselines’ the edge of the screen making focus smaller (blurrier) and then they switch to full motion video backdrop (so computer/consoles only have to render ten close at hand attackers…

Nah Im just pre food manic.

Will go eat.

@Lamproly- youve nailed that feel for me… my household restarts near religiosly, and I love getting visitors to play past talmberg if we have the time…

Everyones jaw drops on initial ‘banners’ scene.
The repeat on Talmberg gets noticably twitchy hands sweaty.

Great to watch/be with peeps when they first experience this game.

Also @Lamproly, maybe consider putting spoiler alert in title if further game descriptions remain as detailed.

Many gamers branch off main quest upon making it past opening credits.

Cheers again… your post reminded me of how I felt through those scenes .

In fact my fear was so total that my daughter, on her way to bed, had to tell me to ‘stop that girl from getting raped’; “next time” my fearful self replied as I desperately bolted, exhausted, to the closest horse I could see…

And before she even hit her pillow I felt shame, and of course went back to ‘save the girl’.

That a game could make me feel that way…

@Warhorse Well done!

Yes- some of those camera angles and cinematography enforces the blockbuster nature of this title. (Indie, schmindy: bs this is an indie)

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