Low Amount of Knights

Why such a low amount of knights in KCD? I know that the Nobility was about nearly 1-5% or even 10% (I know thats a bit of a stretch) of the population depending on the country (e.g. Frontier Nations like Poland and Spain had more nobility than most places). But I assume Bohemian Lords must have had Household knights, like for example Sir Hanush should have atleast 3 or 4 household knights at Rattay (but he has none) since the Rattay Fiefdom is absolutely fucking massive. Sadly we don’t get to see that many knights Instead we just see wayfaring knights.

So apparently in the 2nd half of 15th century there was codification of czech nobility. In that time it was 15 “older families” (including house of Leipa (sir Hanush), branch of Pirkstein (Hans Capon)) and 8 “younger families” .

There were also some knights orders. But for example regarding the Teutonic knights, Charles IV. put extra taxes on them, so they were forced to sell some of their property (including commandry in Dobrovice, obrained in 1242: 2 churches, stables for 300 horses, hospital for 13 people, 10 members of the order lived there). In 1418 they were forced to leave and 1421 the commandry in Dobrovice was destroyed. Thats the same with knights hospitaller. (templars were destroyed in 1312). The only order that was supported by Charles IV (and his father) was Order of Saint Lazarus. It even survived the Hussite wars, but was affected by them (in Bohemia until 1833).

So I dont think that the numbers of nobility/knights were so high. But I dint find many sources…

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Rattay area is unpopulated anyway. I doubt if there’s more than 300-400 characters at all on the whole map.
My method of getting more knights is a mod called large encounters xxxl. Sometimes I have 6 knights at once.

You do not need mod for 6 knights.

I mean knight like guys, not bandits in rags.

Allthough I personally would be a huge fan of knight orders in the game I think the area is too unpopular for them to have even a small outpost in the area of Rattay.
It is too boring and too secluded from more important and bigger cities.

Quite interesting to know, by the way Hanush’s family is know as the Ronovs not Leipa.

No :slight_smile:



All well and good if you can read Czech.

If you ctrl+f Hanuš you will see “z Lipé”= “of Leipa”

You know that Titles and Family names are separate right?

Pirkenštejns are not a branch of the Lords of Lipé, they are branch of the Lords of Dubá. The Roňow (Ronov) took over the Lordship of Lipé through marriage in the 14th or 13th century and the dynasty lasted until the 1920s. That makes Hanuš a Roňow.

I just made a quick late night search:

"Shared ancestor of all Ronov branches was Smil Svetlicky… his grandson Chval of Leipa founded castle and city of Leipa… Second grandson was Cenek of Ojvin. The house was imidiately split into two branches: Leipa branch and Pirstejn branch.

So Ronov is like the old house. Of Leipa, of Pirkstein, of Dube… later branches

Well we have for those with knighthoods:

Sir Hanush of Leipa,
Sir Radzig Kobyla,
Sir Hans Capon,
Sir Bernard of Oleshna,
Sir Divish of Talmberg,
Sir Markvart von Auliz,
Sir Robard,
Sir Istvan Toth (he is a Hungarian nobleman)

That’s a few knights, and if you’re wanting to count those with a probable knghthood, there’s Wolflin of Kamberg (Robber Baron quest)

In the army camp next to merhojed, there is a knight wearing full Nurembergian plate and Magdeburg pauldrons and chausse + arching bascinet.

We can surely assume he is some knight of lower ranking serving in the personal retinue of those lords.

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