Low FPS, Low GPU/CPU Usage


Maybe somebody has seen this or there is a known fix that i just couldn’t find.I’m getting low FPS with low GPU and CPU usage.I’m running a i9 9900K and a 2080ti with 16gb ram
I wasn’t expecting this after spending so much money :frowning:
Settings are 1080p all Ultra High.


Thanks in advance for your time

Isn’t 3.6ghz very low for a 9900k? Something is holding your system back. GPU clockspeed seems fine. How’s your ram usage?

Si votre processeur est si peu utilisé, c’est que vous avez sans doute un réglage à lui faire au niveau du BIOS.
Au prix de la carte graphique, vous auriez pu ajouter 32 Go de Ram !
Maintenant faudrait savoir si vous êtes en textures HD dans le jeu et quels sont les autres réglages…
Le meilleur endroit pour mesurer les fps est de se balader à cheval autour de la place de Rattay devant l’Hôtel de ville…

I think one core it’s supposed to turbo to 5 ghz but all other cores max out at 3.6, not really sure.

And @conrad_cc, i tried google translate but the result was not making any sense, sorry and thanks for your time

Might be because stock bios settings are limiting power for the cpu. Try updating the bios first. Thermal throttling might be another reason. I hope you have sufficient cooling for the case&cpu. I think it should be 4,3 ghz with all 8 cores.

There’s also 59% power limit for your gpu. Try shutting down msi afterburner or whatever software you’re using and run the gpu with it’s stock settings and check you have the newest driver. On another thread there was also talk about pci lanes so check with gpu-z you have the full x16 lanes in use.

Hey first of all thanks for helping out.
I followed some advice in that link and disabled Asus MultiCore Enhancments in bios and now i get much better results, so thanks!! but still i feel i should be able to run at 60 fps with this hardware, also disabled everything in MSI afterburner and use default clocks and curve, and checked that i’m using latest drivers and pci-e is at x16 3.0.
here’s a new screenshot with MCE disabled: ScreenShot

Kcd is pretty much cpu dependant and with that gear you should definitely get 60fps or more on 1080p. Try 1440p res. If it runs the same then the cpu is limiting. Check that you have hyperthreading and all the cores enabled in bios and also check those other power limiting settings in bios. You can run msi afterburner on stock gpu settings but enable all the cpu cores (all 16 of them with hyperthreading enabled), clocks and temps for the monitoring also. That might give a hint of whats going on. HW info program can also give useful info if something is throttling. Intel extreme tuning utility is useful too to run a quick stress test for cpu&memory. Try enabling memory xmp profiles from bios too if not already. Set windows power plan to high performance also.

Here is some video about those power limiting settings. Starting at around 17:00. Not the oc settings before that. Be careful if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Might end up damaging your system. Especially voltages can damage your cpu and some asus stock settings give too high voltage for the cpu but again I would advise that you learn what these do before tweaking. That is if not already familiar with all this.

Turning Vsync Off solves the issue.
Thanks everyone

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