Lullaby Potions not working?

Hey all,

I created some Lullaby Potions and applied to an arrow which I then shot a bandit through the arm with. Nothing happened. Am I missing something here? Is there a threshold of damage that needs to occur before the NPC falls unconscious or is this bugged atm?

I think Lullaby potion doesn’t work as you think it would when applied to weapons. Well, to say the least, it would be really hard to fell asleep if your arm bleeds, wouldn’t it?

Then what is the point of applying them to weapons?

Well, there is probably non. As well as applying Marigold Decoction.

The only purpose of the lullaby potion is to put it into the grog stealthy of a bandit camp, this is a much easier/ cheaper alternative to using the reaper of souls poison as it takes longer to make and the recipe is rare and hard to make.

If you only have a studio mic (i.e. blue yeti) this will not work, you need a headset mic

Enter Fortnite and DISABLE voice chat
Exit Fortnite
Open your sound settings by clicking the sound icon in the bottom right of your desktop
In the playback devices tab and disable everything that you aren’t using to listen, and make your headphones the default device and default communication device
Do the same thing in the recording devices tab except this time you’re selecting your headset mic and not your stand mic if you have one
Once you have all of that done, press OK and reopen Fortnite
Re-enable voice chat and test it in a party

Thats an easy one, its not a sleeping dart that drops them, it takes energy to 0. So thet would be dizzy somewhat ans stagger a lot making it easy to kill then. I guess its like daterape but with a bow. If thet comd full speed at you still then yeah its broken.

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AND help the patient in the monastery clinic get some sleep.

Sadly the Vanilla versions of lullaby and bane are too weak and take too long to take effect.
If on PC there is a mod: pro-bane that fixes this. Tho it can interfere with the Ashes

The potion still works on weapons, just pretty much zeroes out their stamina so then pretty much a hit or two and they are down.