Mace Maintenance

Does anyone know how to clean blood off of a mace and keep it maintained? I Tried using a grindstone and when I went to a blacksmith it didn’t show up so I could select it for maintenance, so it’s slowly been deteriorating.

Use repairkit or Talk to a swordsmith (not an armorsmith) to get it fixed

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Blood wise just take a bath. Sadly you will need a repair kit or a blacksmith himself to repair it otherwise

Also, if it’s too damaged for your repair skill, you’ll have to pay a blacksmith to fix it. But If you also buy the repair kit and keep it in good shape,(the mace, I mean) I believe every time you use the kit increases that skill. Which means you can gradually repair more damaged stuff. Keep in mind, I could be completely full of crap, but I’m fairly sure I’m not…