Mace or Axe?

So I can current grinding Henry to make him stronger in order to get max strength. I am current using Heavy War Hammer as my main weapon against Plated Armor enemies. I am looking forward to try Axe as an alternative to my mace. I know that axe is a jack of all trade but I want to know from your gameplay experience, do you guys prefer axe more or mace more? I do have serrated perk on my maintenance.

Note: I know that sword (mostly longsword) is most people main weapon and I too, use sword frequently as well.

I find that maces is more efficient against enemies with plate.

I prefer the axe for the reasons you already stated. Stronger than a sword, faster than a mace. Not the best in any one category, but the versatility for me is preferable. Better a jack of all, than a master of one.

well since you can change weapons mid combat now i say mace and sword, use mace against heavily armored opponent and sword vs light armor opponents.


ceremonial mace with Bane poison (if on PC modded bane)
With my great strength and all the right combat and strength perks I do 98 blunt dmg., 4 slash, 4 stab. Tho with bane ( or dollmaker) and one good hit WILL hurt them a lot and keep hurting.
If target is cuman and you have the cuman killer perk they don’t have a chance.

If you go axe use the metal plated battle axe,with bane or dollmaker. I do 66 dmg blunt, 59 slash,4 stab and not even accounting poison.

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True, ceremonial mace is the strongest by blunt hit point. But I use Heavy War Hammer is because of 15 points in stab damage. I think the strongest axe is 27 stabbed, 42 slash and 40 blunt, that is what I found. Bane and Poison goes with almost anything. @longshot300mag

That is what I have been using this whole time. I use longsword for almost every occasion and mace exclusively with plated enemies. I just wanna know how effective an axe is compare to mace as a jack of all trade weapon.

Has it always been faster than mace? I am going to try it then.

You are correct. But what I want to know is, how will axe behave (since it is jack of all trade dmg) compare to mace (Mine has blunt and stab dmg).

It’s not really a question of what is best. Because it all depends on your fighting style. I use longsword and mace both with bane. Reason being I like to hit the combos and get a cheeky master strike as and when. But if you are a fighter that plays the waiting game, a person that just moves around till the enemy attacks to try and pull of a master and just have a naughty stab at them once in a while then go for axe with high stab. Or mace with high stab. I personally have used both fighting Styles not 1 is wrong while other is correct. I use the mace just because of the damage it does to plate. But it’s all about your style. What’s right for me might be wrong for you :grin:

Mace and Shield is OP in my opinion. My first play through I did this with plate armor and with some perks like Headsplitter/cracker, the one where you win clinches more often and other you will be a beast.
Plus, mace does blunt damage with is good against unarmored foes but really shines against armored enemies as compared to its bladed adversaries.

However, if you dont want a super easy play through I would say axe for the opposite reasons I just put down for why the mace is a good choice. Really though, it all comes down to you…which do you like better?

I have tested and compare Axe and Mace. To start, one big advantage on axe is fast swinging. But when it come to fight against full armor plate enemies, go for Mace since it is more effective than Axe but at cost of slower swing. Also Stabbed Damage seems to work well on almost every situation so using a heavy warhammer (25 stabbed/ 54 blunt) is more versatile than ceremonial mace (in my experience).

Axe wise, I don’t think I will go back to it since it is the same experience like holding a shortsword.

All in all, Longsword and Mace is the best weapon option.

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2h sword for reach and speed plus they’re strength bases, so the match well with bows and mace/shield if you need it. Mace swings slow but with good defense you can block/riposte, mix that with clinchmaster and you can just juggle your opponents around and clobber them. Mace/shield was fun but 2h sword is more rewarding IMO

From my testing, I think mace and longsword is the best option to go with. My fighting style consist of Clinch and head cracking (mace) or Clinch and Jabbed.

2h sword will always be the best weapon to have in almost every situation except with you deal with 3 plated guys with a shield that constantly parry you. You are correct, mace and shield is fun but 2h sword is more rewarding.

I like the game but I kinda want a 3rd person toggle. Mostly just because I think the combat would look cool…it’d be unrealistic and break immersion which is why it’s not included but still…it would look cool all armored up fighting people.