Main quest is too rushed


As soon as you arrive at Rattay and pledge yourself to Radzig you get thrown into the hectic pace of the main quest where you have to hurry from one quest point to another with no pauses in between. And yes, I know that technically you aren’t forced to finish them ASAP and can do whatever you want at any point, but immersion-wise there is always a sense of urgency in every task you’re given so if you RP properly you can’t go picking flowers after you were ordered to investigate a raid on the stud farm because if you delay it the trail will run cold. So now I’m at level 8 and at the point when I’m supposed to fight Runt which I know I will fail. I’m surprised with how detailed and thought out the game overall is they didn’t introduce some logical pause for player to take a break from the MK and do side quests, train and explore.


Not to be a dick, but try RPing improperly. After killing the two bandits near Neuhof, I went my own way for a long time and still found it all very immersive.