Main Quest line and side quests

Hi All,

I am very found of the story line, but I feel I got too distracted with side quests now.
My current main quest is Nest of Vipers, where you go to the Cuman camp in Pribyslavitz (man, you got to love how every youtuber struggle with the Slavic names).

I’ve decided to postpone this quest while I level up cause I felt very fragile in combat. Also I may have read somewhere that Cumans will be gone after it and I have barely started to fight their camps.

Is really completing main quests affects that much the variety of side quests?

In the meantime I got all the DLCs, how they will affect the current state of the game and main quest? I saw that the one for rebuilding the city is disabled. Do I have to add the DLCs as I’m currently mid game, are they supplemental or something that will be there after you complete the main story line.

Well firstly leveling is a tried and true strategy before doing what you’re about to do in the main quest line. Secondly cumans kind of do take the back burner after the first battle but there’s still many to be slaughtered I promise. Thirdly I assume this is your first play through? If not excuse me but an upgrade in armor and weapons might be in order. I don’t have a clue as to what you got sooooo… yeah just make sure you are ready is all im saying. Dlc is unlocked by quests. I’m not going to spoil it for you. You’ll figure it out on your own.

Thank you Satyagraha92 and yes, this is my first play through. I believe I have a decent armor and weapon atm, so no worries there. I have upped the main stats above 10, and also warfare, strength and sword and currently working on the mace stats. This is where I started to worry that I’m spending too much time away from the main story as I have been doing only side quests for a week now.

Man I hate that the Warhorse Jenda is making Henry dirty again in a single trip, but the other horses are not really up for a worthy replacement.

I also noticed that most of the video guides available are from 2018 and a lot of the strategies they are suggesting have been patched now (most of them looked like exploits to be honest). For example I never saw I trader with wealth siting in a chest waiting for me.

I must add I hate the dogs addition to the game, it’s making stealth attack of camps impossible for me.

Anyway I love the game in a way I have never managed to enjoy the W3.

Do main quests to unlock new activities and sidequests. I believe you can still use some exploits. And traders used to have their chests looked at the backroom with all goods and money, I hope they didn’t change this.

Basically, if you want to be strong at combat, just go to train with Captain Bernard. You can level up yourself as like you want.
He will teach you MasterStrike too.

Main quests can’t fail(if not bugs), you can wait as you like.
Side quests not so much affect to main quests.
However, the main quests affect to side quests very much.
It’s difficult to play all side quests at first playthrough without info.

In main game, there are 2 War turning points.

A lot of side quests will begins after the 1st war(Prybislavitz). It contains Most of DLC quests.
Some of side quests need to start&end while specific main story events.
And several side quests have time limits before 2nd war. You will be warned at the gate.
You must be finish those quests before going into the fortress. Those quests will be failed after get out from there.

Some of vanila&DLC achievements&choices require finish some of those limited quests.
For example, “From the Ashes”
You can hire some sub characters in your village only if you finish their quests with them alive.

the 2nd task of “Thick as Thieves - Woyzeck”(steal a horse) will be impossible to complete after Prybislavitz war. Only this one has early limits.

“what you want? i have no time for beggars”, tells me the owner of a bath.
goddamm smelly warhorse jenda, phoebe gonna sing about you in all kinddom´s taverns! not even 20 charisma clothes suavizes the smell.

the game and story are nice, but… the pace is crazy if you are a “yes man” like ppl sugest henry to be. gotta in viper´s nest with great stats, but running like crazy up and down like a chicken without a head. not funny, so i restart. did go better, but still very confusing: it seems henry is free to choose, but some choices blocks quests and dlcs. and even if strength, vitality and warfare are great to take care of road rufians, all the rest are pretty mediocre. some i dont even see the point, like “hunting”.

finally, the annoying and “forever and ever and everywhere” howling of mutt did it. i expend hours training it AND me and the damm beast still howls. i give food, i give praise, i give all comands, i study, i train and i perk up all there is to perk about the damm canine but he still howls all the time and everywhere. i understand giving it back is not good to henry´s “reputation”, so:


and that´s the reason to ressurect the topic. i did milk very little on the tutorial and want to perk up doing the side quests so later i´m strong and focused on the main, but at the same time i have no ideia if that´s possible and if doing so, some other stories would be dennied. i confess i look up on the side quests, but it seems to me not all are independent of the main quests.

so, what about side quests?

my new hal is very lame, low stats. did the thick as thiefs to get some money and buy a horse. yes, you get one from hanush after saving capon but i didn´t go to them, didn´t even talk with my lord about the sword. so, after a few days stealing and selling, i walk to neuhof and buy the cheapste horse. even with all the stealing, lockpicking+padfoot wasn´t enough to steal the saddle and stribs, so i had to buy it, too.

only then i started to roam the map, avoiding road thugs and brawls so my level 3 strength lame hal does not die all the time even dressed in full armor. it´s annoying to have a bandit dressed in shirt armed with his fists making fun of me, too.

but i know the only way to perk up is doing it (and reading, sure, but the right book is not always there) so i wanna do the maximum possible of side quests to see if it gives me slow but sure perk up.

so, finally, the question:

what side quests don´t impact the kcds and mais story line? i did a few but not sure where to go, not everybody talks to me (maybe bc i didn´t do any of the main quests) and i´m afraid of dissabling something by doing some specific side quest before it “should” be done.

i did:
man of cloth
the house of god
at your service
old rope
tough love
get high with the gals
the good thief

most i did to occupy my day time while robbing the region



Here is almost everything

yes, thxs. i think i will give up on trying to determine what is what in this game. i mean, i didn´t star any main quest (i think) bc i didn´t go see my lord about the sword, so i didn´t go patrol rattay nor fight with capon, so i don´t get on hanush service either. i´m kind in limbo now. i did go see fritz and mathew to get them jobs and on the line “what you doing now” my hal answered with “i´m serving the rattay bailif”. i did go to the bailif and ask for the “what´s going on” and he says all is good. maybe the game using my last “official job”, about and public execution…

anyways, i think i will just go around following the activitiy and quest “givers” signs and just hope what i do now don´t impact to many other quests later. i killed my friends foreman AFTER completing the quest, when he runs after the mill maid expose him.



Go and see Radzig about the sword. That will unlock the training with Bernard. The combat is much more fun if you learn the perfect block and dodging and combos.

You can also see the bailiff and get equipped, but don’t go on patrol with Nightingale. Doing that will set you off on a long main quest sequence. Put that on hold for a while.

At this stage you can explore the world and do side quests, AND train with Bernard at anytime (though not on his lunch break).

thx, that is actually very helpful. my combat stats are horrible on this run. I don´t need equip. equip is ok, my weak hal only now can wear a few kg of plate, but i still have to take a lotta meds with me to fight. having bernard to perk combat and strenght would be nice, since side quests also needs traveling and traveling means bandits/cumans and bandits/cumans means maybe-not-avoidable fights and fights are still a risky bizz for lame_hal.

just completed lost in translation and was going to do in god´s hand but i´m not sure about my speech and charisma to deal with that arsehole of custodiam. if i see radzig i think the famous line “i´m on sir radzig mission” would be available as well some extra charisma, yes?



ps: jenda is a crazy horse! eternal stamina and lotta torque lol! if i´m not careful it will gallop me to dead.

so the patrol bf fighting capon is not a timed quest?

No, it’s not timed.

god be with you. lame_hal can´t control the keyboard yet his fingers get tangled and the game insists in putting 3-5 bandit/cumam +dogs in his way, so… i run. or fight clicking randomily. if not for the potions, death would be much more commom lol

Well, with Bernard you unlock new skills, so even if you press buttons randomly you will randomly use more effective skills.

He also teaches you how to move and when to press buttons. Just go to him instead of dismissing him. He’s essential to the game.

yes, i remember being like that from previous runs, even if i trained with him only one time. ppl were more afraid of fighting with me and the blows were more efective. some combos were done without me trying to do it.

gonna put the side quests on hold and train a little with him, so i dont have to avoid on-way-fights anymore. those aren´t always avoidable

You’re hilarious.

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