Make a pre-historical game please


I remember an old czech movie from my childhood that called “Cesta do praveku” where four kids in a boat entering a pre-historical land with dinosaurs. One of the best adventure movies of all time. How great would it be to make a game like this? I mean not another “Far Cry: Primal” - this is too much for the mainstream. Rather I mean a very accurate and solid RPG in a pre-historical world where people lives in caves or primitive buildings. It should not be a survival/ monster hunter game and not another “Ark”. More like a true RPG with monsters, but all monsters are historical accurate that really lived on earth 60 million years b.c… A location with volcanos, ice mountains, jungles, a very various fauna. No dragons and no mages! People fight with spears and bows and melees, there are different camps who hate each other and you have to choice which camp you want to become a member. There are quests like we know from Kingdom Come. I know that humen and dinosaurs never lived together in a time, but only the setting should be historical accurate. This is the problem I have with other games. There is no game that takes place in a very believable pre-historical world where you think the dinosaurs would be real instead of fantasy creatures that were only used to create more fun for the sci-fi/action mainstream players.


Good luck w that. Still can’t determine what that means for Neanderthals or T. rex much less an ecosystem


And wish the devs good luck, not me.


How do you propose to do that? There is no historical record that goes that far back, so you wanna use some fantasy, your imagination?
If you want historical accuracy you cant go back 10.000, 100.000 or even millions years ago, you can only go a few hundred years back. And even then it’s not entirely possible.
But dont get me wrong, i like your idea but it has some flaws


Is this a serious request or just a dream of you?


I must ask whether you guys are serious. Of course can you create an accurate pre-historical world! Just the thing that humen live together with dinosaurs is not accurate, but that’s no problem. Kingdom Come is also not accurate without children, but don’t let start the discussion again. The thing is to make a believable game with dinosaurs - something that actually nobody created before. There is no such a game available.


True but don’t expect that the devs will make this because you requested it.


If paleontologists don’t even agree on what one species was like how is the whole world supposed to be ‘accurate’

Sure, a convincing world for laymen can be created but I’d never call it accurate

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Then make a world that is how paleontologists assume to be accurate. My god!


It is just a weird request. They should make a follow up off kcd


Mon dieu! They don’t think alike any more than we do.


Weird? It’s one of the best and most interesting requests since video gaming industry develop one Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed after another. Your comment is weird.


Maybe something like “Outcast"


Unrealistic then to expect it from Warhorse:)


Warhorse is the best developer for such a game. They’re czech and the movie is czech too. And they are not making games for a profit. They make games with love.


Because they love the medieval times? So I think it’s not their genre


No one loves only one genre. Or do you hear only one music genre?


Mostly the creators do have just one genre :slight_smile: did you ever hear guns and roses making opera?


There are a lot devs who make different genres and the question isn’t even about the genre. It’s only a different setting and even not so much different as when they would make a Sci-fi game. Working in gaming branche requires to make experiments.


Explains a lot