Make injured NPCs live longer


Hi all,

After big battles I would like to still have injured enemies lying around, squirming. I hate the view of ragdolls covering the place, it somehow takes me out of being immersed.
Is there a value which can be set for the time it takes for enemies to “bleed out” or something similar?

Greetings and thanks in advance!


It is horrible, but would be super immversive. I would love to use a mod for this, too.


I find it funny that the bandits do that, but in quests like the huntsman’s quest, when you fight with Hare against the guards, the poachers can bleed out. One time I ended the fight with all the poachers still alive. On the walk to the mine shaft where they hide, 3 of them just dropped dead on the way, I guess from bleeding out. It was funny to watch because they follow Hare in formation, and the first one to die was right behind Hare, to his right, and the others following just walked around or even kicked him. No one batted an eye.


I know that some already go into this “bleed out state”, but it only lasts for 10 seconds or so. When the fight is over, only the last enemy lies there, still being alive but injured. I would like all or most of them to be still alive. There has to be some health threshold or something which affects the time of NPCs being in this state.


Any news to this topic?


I have tried adding the parameter lowHealthThreshold to the rpg file, but the game doesnt start.
Has anyone got this parameter to work?


Has anyone made any progress in modding the health parameters of enemies?


I am still waiting for this lowhealththreshold parameter to work :frowning:


I really like this idea. Pretty sure you’d have to modify an existing parameter to get the results you want but i’m not sure where it would be necessarily. I’ll try and contribute by browsing through the game files in my free time but it’ll take a while.


Hey! Try to search the place where he eats (pot) and put in there Marigold decoction. I hope this will work.


What are you talking about?