Marius and guards react as if I was stealing from chest

Anyone having this issue? Even though I have the right to open the chest, and it will not be considered stealing, the guards and Marius will not shut up about it. They keep saying “Mother of God!”, “Who’s there?!” and other typical sentences they say when they catch you red-handed stealing from a chest.

I have experienced that in From the Ashes, where literally every time I open the main chest where I drop the money and take my profits Marius will keep reacting to it as if it was theft. It also happens in the last main quest at the camp. I open the loot chest, and the guards react as if it is considered stealing.

Also, I can only take the gear in the chest by stealing it (the action is labeled steal instead of move), but not all gear I took from the chest will have the red hand tag to indicate that it was stolen, and none of the guards will try to arrest me.

I am playing the most recent patch of the royal edition on PS4.

Yes, and besides this case it also happens to me when I’m looking in my chest in Rattay leaving the door to the room open. They don’t do anything, just yell.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but what you’re describing happens to everyone whenever they open any chest; it’s not exclusive to “From The Ashes”. Even when you open your own personal stash, nearby NPCs will react as if you’re stealing. Ignore them; they shouldn’t call the guards, and any guards nearby won’t arrest you. As far as items being considered stolen, that definitely seems to be a bug, as that’s the town coffers, which you’re in charge of as Bailiff of Pribyslavitz.

Maybe consider filing a bug report by emailing