Mass Exodus from Sasau Monastery?

So I don’t mind that you’ve removed the subplots involving the election of a new abbot since you never bothered to fully flesh it out but why are there only 10 monks total (including Henry) in the entire monastery? Do you realize that the number of novices and the number of monks is equal? This seems like a strange decision and not at all in keeping with the historical accuracy of the game. But i’m not a historian so maybe i’m wrong and you guys were just correcting an oversight. it’s still a pretty jarring difference

So everyone’s back now. I really don’t know what’s going on with this game from day to day, save to save. Just wish it could get fixed for a smooth experience, start to finish. the latest is the blood isn’t arriving. So I’m stuck unless I decide to just kill Pious or another novice.

@oldcdog91 I know this may not be ideal but when the new DLC came out I started completly over from the beginning. Mostly because it had been awhile since I played and Id forgotten about a lot more than I realized. I noticed this time Im doing much better and progressing much faster than previously. Not sure if your talking about a bug with “the blood hasnt arrived” but maybe this will fix it if you start over.