Masterstriking in riposte trades?

Hey guys, first post here.

Just want to preface this by saying great game, loving every minute of it, and find the lack of hand-holding in an open world RPG quite refreshing…

In fact, I have racked up 50 some hours into the game already and I bought it only last week. However some aspects of combat still puzzles me. I have progresses in the game to the point where I can master strike opponents quite consistently.

However in riposte trades I can never seem to master strike? should it be that the enemy and I do 3, 4, 5 even 6 riposte trades it always ends up with either of us running out of stamina, or the opponent master striking me…

I have tried to time the block in every frame possible when an enemy riposts, it always ends up with me riposting back or simply getting hit because of blocking too early.

Is the timing even tighter for master striking in riposte trades or am I missing something else here. Combat gets quite frustrating when the NPCs have such an advantage over me in combat, especially when it 1v2+

Thanks for your time

Hi. Your post is a little confusing.
Did you train in rattay with captain Bernard.
You can only perform master strike after you learn it from him.
To be honest, the terminology is a bit confusing to me between the terms repost and master strike but I think they’re both the same.
I assume, aside from learning the skill from Cpt. Robard, the ability to perform each combat skill depends on your various skill levels such as, warfare, defence, sword, agility, etc.
Ok, basically we have the normal block
perfect block and
master strike(repost).
It’s all timing.
normal block happens when you press block button after AI villain starts strike.
Perfeckt block occurs when you press block button directly when green dot appears.
Master strike is when you press block button just as AI villain is starting striking motion.
It’s all timing, in other words.
Easy way to get timing right and good experience is to actually let opponent perform first strike.
As soon as first strike lands, immediately press block.
Assuming opponent was about to perform intimidate second strike(combo).
Oh, yeah, wear good Armour!

Beyond needing to learn the master strike from Bernard and performing a perfect block, I think it’s random and weighted based on relative skills (warfare, sword, etc.). So if you fight a difficult opponent, you won’t do it much. But if you properly block a weak opponent, it should happen frequently.