Matthew and Fritz stuck behind Inn In The Glade

Hello folks

Is there any way (Console command etc) to get Matthew and Fritz to move to Pribyslavitz, as they have agreed to?
I finished the quests involving them at the Inn and then spoke to them about heading to my new town and they agreed, and I seem to remember seeing them get on their horses and head off.
But now, they are just standing behind the Inn by their horses.
They’ve been there for many in-game days now.
I can talk to them and they still offer training, but that’s it.
The book in the Pribyslavitz Rathaus states that they are there (and costing me 15%!) - but as far as I can perceive they are just stuck at the Inn.
A few other people seem to have had this problem, but no solutions. I read about one guy who tried knocking them out and carrying them there! But that didn’t work. Another reported that when their judgement came up in Priby they appeared there, but as soon as it concluded they headed back to the Inn.
Has anyone else here had this problem? Any way of sorting it out? I’m playing un-modded in case it’s relevant.


Leave them where they are, they have nothing to say nor do once in Pribyslavitz. Just wait for their judgment so that they stop cost you money. I hoped once in Pribyslavitz they’ll bring a bit of life to the tavern but all they do is sit there doing nothing. That’s one of the many things that haven’t been polished. Pribyslavitz is just like a ATM that you visit from time to time once you’ve done all the judgments. It’s a dead place.

Yeah, I’d heard they were pretty useless as citizens of the town. But I suppose I just wanted them to be where they should be for roleplay reasons. And because my game has been startlingly bug-free - apart from this! So even though it is far from game-breaking, it still seeds a wisp of discontent.
Is there no console command that can nudge them out of their rut?


Nope, no console commands. I have issues too with some unexplained bugs; a dude in Talmberg runs all the time he sees me and I have a warning about my reputation if I do something wrong, even if I didn’t do anything wrong. Each time I cross his path in Talmberg or its surroundings the guys yells “Hey, wtf?” then starts running.
The only thing you could try is to aggro the Cumans from the camp not far away from the Inn in the woods, make them follow you near the inn and see if they start attacking Laurel and Hardy, maybe they’ll dismount and start fighting the Cumans.
I’d swear that kind of shit happens after I play 4 hours straight or more, like if the AI goes south after that.
Or just give up. I completed the game 5 times since release and only once did I manage to have a bug free experience but that’s because I was reading the walkthroughs on the Internet that were listing all the things you should do and in which order to avoid glitches like that. It wasn’t fun at all.

Try shoot an arrow from a distance that lands near them, on the ground or on a wall. It will make them run around screaming or run toward where the arrow came from. Just make sure you move away from where you shot.

Maybe they will return to the same spot afterwards, but there’s a chance they will “wake up” and head off to Pribyslavitz.