Medieval music, anyone?


So … I’m interested, do we have any people here playing medieval (or “medieval-style” - I’ll get to that in a sec) instruments?

Myself, I play bagpipes. The modern, re-created medieval-style german bagpipes, to be precise. I seriously have no idea if they have a specific name in english … But they look sort of like this - this one’s the set I’m currently playing, although it doesn’t belong to me but Mario Siegismund, the guy who built it for the movie adaptation of Noah Gordon’s “The Physician” (He lent it to me for a time while he builds me my own set). This kind of bagpipe is not actually historically accurate since it was a relatively recent (and fairly liberal) re-creation within the modern medieval scene in germany - but the one I’m playing is made specifically to look like what bagpipes could possibly have looked like back then (as far as I’m aware, no actual bagpipes survived from the medieval era - sadly). They may sound very differently, though, and are related to the scottish great highland bagpipes (which, many people don’t realize, are by far not the only kind of bagpipe, neither any traditional kind, as there are others that are much older - the scottish GHB is actually a fairly recent development) as far as the inner workings go (as well as the volume … ).

Aside from that I also play a set of german smallpipes commonly known as Hümmelchen, albeit a heavily modified one (actually uses more air than the big one, and is almost as large) that was built by my bandmate, with help from yours truly.

Other instruments I play include tin whistles, low whistles and ocarinas.


like troubadour music? I’m really interested with KCD OST, I like a good music for this incredible game


Well … partly, yeah, I guess. I’m working on some recordings of myself playing, as well as some takes I did with the band. Once they’re on youtube I’ll post them.

And I’m interested in what music the game will have as well. Hope they’ll post something on that when there’s something to show.


Well as I said in the Martial arts topic…where we got off topic and onto music; I am very much into my music. I mess around with Piano and Organ at home, I really need to get back into propper lesson again not done so since I was about 15 and probibly have forgotten most of what I knew lol.

Welll my Medieval instrument of choice is or rather will be the Hurdy Gurdy, I need ot start saving either that or start leaving banana skinst lying around at my parents house. Can anyone recommend a few good/reputable sellers or makers of Medieval instruments, whilst I save the £1000-£2000 (I will be gret and too old to re-enact by that time I swear) it will take to buy a decent instrument, I would like to to do my research to make sure I get a good price, after all some people do try and rip you off no matter what the item is.

I know the ‘flue/recorder’ type instruments and the Lute are far cheaper, but to be honest I fell in love with the sound of the Hurdy Gurdy the very first time I heard it played at my very first event, the Minsteral (aka Peter Bull) littraly heard our group where at Skipton Castle and turrned up and asked of he could join in with us, I guess he must do that when he is not booked up himself.


I play whistles, recorder and dulcimer, if those count. :smiley:


Let us know when you have your bagpipes on YouTube. I’m interested in listening! We have Celtic fests out where I live and hearing the bagpipes are my favorite part of the festival.


I’ve found myself collecting early instruments lately. So far I’ve accumulated a lute, rauschpfeife, tenor recorder, frame drum and - easily my favourite of the lot - hurdy gurdy.

As for “medieval-style”, well. I also have an Irish bouzouki. Those things seem to pop up in medieval bands a lot. Ocarina might fall into that category, too.

I’ve been looking into getting bagpipes as well but I think my neighbours can only take so much.


Medieval music - cool theme, bro!)) thought that sche interesting to listen to - and then came across your message. Usually I’m downloading different music from . There are a lot of cool music, but so far I have not found a medieval… - maybe someone knows websites where to find?


When there is no music on this side, then why do you post this link?
Are you even interested in medieval music or do you want to make advertising?


Don’t feed the spam trolls.


are you sure?



10 chars.


yah fig)))


The link is provided simply as an example and only because it’s really my favorite site with music. That’s why I asked for other links ! And no dick I’m not a bot or something like that))


Okay, I believe you in this case, but please be a bit more careful with links like that.
I didn´t delete the whole post because I have seen that it was reasonable in its core.


Noone ever said bot but you, I called you a spam troll.

When you create an account and the majority of your posts is sharing links to download sites, that is what you are.


A least it is very very suspicious.


partly agree with you. but I, for one, believe that art, including music, belongs to the people and download it for free on different websites and listen to music online - It should be also free. I think this is correct, and singers and songwriters should make money on concerts, advertising, different fashion shows, etc. I stands for freedom in art!


I don’t agree. As a musician, I understand that art, music included, is a trade.
A lot goes into creating music, a lot of time (Years of practice to master a single instrument, band practice, songwriting … a SINGLE song can take years to develop if you don’t just buy in other people who do parts of it for you, as is common in modern pop music), a WHOLE lot of money (good instruments can cost thousands upon thousands of €, not to mention recording equipment, studio time etc.), and a level of commitment that rivals any day job.
So who are you to demand that music “belongs to the people”? If I create a song, that song belongs to ME, and it is up to ME to define the terms by which I will share it with you.
You say musicians should make money with concerts and ads? Many smaller musicians wouldn’t ever be able to make it that way, because only very good and well-known musicians can make any substantial winnings that way.
That aside, there are musicians who do only studio work, who simply don’t play live. You’re saying that they don’t deserve anything for the hard work they put in?

Freedom in art, yes. Freedom in art means that an artist has to be free to market his art any way he sees fit, not that any and all art should be free for anyone who wants to consume it with the artist not getting any say in the matter.


Some real late medieval music from earl 14th century. It’s of of the early poliphonic pieces of music, even though it start monophonic:

It’s an authentic performance if you wonder about the Oriental touch it sometimes have. The western music back then were closer to Oriental music than you might think. (BTW. I study composition for film and theatre)