Menus and trading windows not opening bug

I’ve started a new game and I wanted t0 skill as much herbalism as possible before I leave the new game area where Henry’s parents die. I start picking herbs and selling a little and after a while, without knowing what triggers it, i can’t open my inventory at all so I can eat and I can’t even trade my flowers. When I go over to a trader and click “Let’s trade” the trader just says “See you later” or whatever and then he goes about his own business. It is like the inventory/skill/quest windows never existed. Even when I try opening chests or other containers there is no loot window showing up. It just says “Open” and “Close” down in the corner as I click “E”. I’ve tried reinstalling and verifying game cache. I don’t use any mods other than the free DLC HD texture, sound and voice packs if they can be counted as mods. I might try deleting them and see if the problem persists. I did not have any problems with this in my last playthrough when I played a long time ago and I will say that i’ve changed processor since last time I played, if that is in any way the problem.