Middle ages TV Series

My favorite topic for TV series is the Middle Ages.

As we all have to wait a long time for Kingdom Come here is a list of recent Middle ages TV Series :

The Tudors
The White Queen
The Borgais
The Pillars of the Earth
World Without End

Any suggestions for other series are welcome, as I have seen them al except The Borgais which I am now in the process of finishing :frowning:

Im only allowed to place 2 links in this topic as im new, so you have to google the names yourselfs…


I liked “Vikings” very much.


Game of Thrones
Robin Hood

Game of Thrones is my favourite. If you’re looking for realism, I would advice Vikings.

The Tudors and Borgias are not medieval…they are too late.
GoT and Viking is fantasy and vikings have nothing to do with the historical Vikings.

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I enjoy the series vikings because the scenery and the actors are amazing.

Historical accuracy leaves a lot to be desired though. I don’t blame them however, the vikings probably lived a healthier/happier live than most English man of that day did but that would make for a boring series right?

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I know its not medieval, but might interest some people:
Theres a new series called Black sails, which is pretty much the pirate equivalent of vikings… also to be shot in my home town (More like home city)  Cape Town South Africa XD

That is overly harsh. Song of Ice and Fire is very much based in the genre of hard magic, but the author went to great lengths to make is plausible to the era it depicts. And Vikings is hardly fantasy, it just takes some leeway with history for narrative purposes - it is liberal historical fiction and pre middle ages. Cant think of a good series that takes place around 11th to the 14th,15th that is not fantasy.

P.S: The term “Middle Ages” is somewhat frowned upon. Its very Eurocentric and has no meaning in most of the world. It also falls into early, mid and high categories whenever it is used, which is less and less.

I like the serie: Game of thrones

Hey man, thanks for the tip. I finished Assassin’s Creed Black Flag yesterday, and this TV show is like a live action adaptation :slight_smile: Saw first episode and it is good, gonna continue watching.

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I believe it’s early, high, and late.

Also when your talking about Europe I don’t think it’s wrong to use a “Eurocentric” term. :smile:

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Indeed, my mistake. And I suppose you are correct. Its just that it grants Europe so much authority in whats what in that era on this planet. All the while there are Arabs, Indians and the Mongol Empire who are more … impressive. At least in the early and high middle ages.

Not to mention the mighty Mongols eventually just got sucker punched by Chinese culture. In everything some other civilization at the time was more advanced, but to the credit of European kingdoms, they caught up damn quick.

But this is neither here nor there. Still cant think of a good show in that era.

I am not trying act like I am sitting on a high horse but not everything about the middle ages was backward.

During the early and high middle ages we did not practice slavery and architecture made enormous growth spurts.

I am not trying to make it sound as it where, but I am too tired at this point to get into it. The common belief of that time period being stagnant in terms of progress is of course very false - will leave it at that.

Agreed, enough arguing is going on in this forum as it is.

I just wanted to add Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives, there’s plenty of episodes on YouTube.

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I love GoT… but it is fantasy. Sure mostly low fantasy and the story is plausible much of the way, (at least when we are talking the civilwar and not dragons and the wall) But we are talking the TVseries and not the books, And some of the arms and armor don’t make much since from a historical point of view… (like the armor used by the kingsguard)

whoever wrote “Vikings” have read 5% of the sagas and then invented the rest. The vikings knew very well where England was before they started raiding. The characters is inspired by historical persons that lived in the 9th century…(long after the attack at lindensfare.) But my main problem is not the store as such but the materiel culture.
The clothing, arms and armor is rather far from what we do know about the material culture of the vikings.
Well, At least they do use shields with a center grip…

But I still watched the first season and will watch the second.

Arn - The Knight Templer. (exist as 3 versions: one movie, two movies and a 6part Tvseries)
Ironclade - (again a lot of problems in regard to the real history, but this good entertainment)
Black Death - (low budget movie with Sean Bean. Again not really historical, maybe even fantasy… but still medieval-sih)
Kingdom of Heaven…
Henry V
Ivanhoe (the many different versions)

the main problem with “middle age / medieval period” is that when that was depend on the country.
In Denmark its 960ties/1066/1080 depending who you ask… until 1536.
Before that we had the viking age. The brits often use 1066 as the start of the medieval period.
In Main land Europe the rein of Charlemange is often used as the start…
In spain it is again different.

The show I have in mind is not medieval but Ancient Rome. Its a British television series called Rome, it’s available on Netflix. If you like the tudors/borgias etc etc then you’ll like this, grit/drama/action. It follows the story of Rome during the end of Gaius Julius Caesars conquest of Gaul to his death at the hands of the senate and to the final battle of Mark Anthony and Brutus. It follows the story from the view of both men of the legion, men of equestrian standing and the most powerful romans of the period. In my opinion very worth while a watch. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0384766/2

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Thanks, I would have missed this unknown gem if it weren’t for you, friend!

Is that in reply to me? If so then yeah it is a real gem. Not really much known about it but it’s absolutely fantastic.