Mightier Than The Sword - Reading Query

I was just wondering, how long does it take in-game for Henry to learn to read?

Does it take no time at all or are you genuinely sitting with the scribe for a couple of days?

Thanks. Either way that scribe is one hell of a teacher :slight_smile:

I think I would have changed a few things here. Like, Henry was taught basic reading and herb gathering, alchemy etc., by his mother nd father, which explains why he picks things up so quickly.

As soon as you learn the basics, you must read some books in order to improve and then every book or text will be easier.

The storyline does leave the impression it takes a some length of time to learn to read with the scribe.

Indeed, but it doesn’t happen in real time and is instant. I usually do this quest while waiting to meet the priest in the evening to discuss about Lubosh, and it does not impact that quest.

After basics passed I had only few letters jumbled and could read, few books later, it was perfect. Then I only levelled up because of requirement for some fancy books.