Missing Animations/Particle Effects/Textures

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this is a collection thread for missing little and big animations, particle effects, textures: The first post will be a list with the description and the contributor. I use the latest livestreams and trailers as a reference.

Let us start

Player Animations

  • The player does not lit visibly haystacks/Arrow barrels… with the torch (@Kakyou )
  • The player does not put items visibly in pots (@Kakyou)
  • The player does not open visibly chests (@Kakyou)
  • Weapons do not visibly break and wear down (@Kakyou)(@RailBalco)
  • The Player does not have a sitting animation and standing up animation if he plays dice (@Kakyou)
  • The die are not moved by the players hands (@Kakyou)
  • No proper looting animations (At least for arrows) (@Kakyou)(Big)

*The player does not interact with thick bushes by moving the bushes around and the bushes does not react to the player (@Kakyou)

NPC Animations

  • Wounded enemies does not have a set of wounded animations (whole combat, walking, idle) (@Kakyou) (Big)
  • The die are not moved by the players hands (@Kakyou)
  • Facial pain animations (@Kakyou)

Particle Effects and textures non-player/npc-models

  • After hitting the german with a pile of shit, the model does not have a shitty texture change (@Kakyou)
  • No visible dynamic dents and holes in armor (@Kakyou)
  • No visible damage textures on weapons, arrows (@Kakyou)
  • No visible bruises, on the face and/or extremities (@Kakyou)
  • No dynamical bleeding out from the body to the ground (@Kakyou)
  • No dust-clouds after stepping on dry soil (@Kakyou)
  • No horse defecation :slight_smile: (@Kakyou)
  • No footsteps on wet/dry soil (@Kakyou)
  • No visible fluids and fluids in cups are static e.g. barmaiden pours ale into cup (@Kakyou)
  • No boiling of gulash and other hot fluids (@Kakyou)
  • No blood on the blade after a stealth kill and no fluid boold on blades at all (@Kakyou)
  • Broken arrows are not broken and does not break visibly (@Kakyou)
  • The quiver has too few different visible states, it would be better if the quiver had more states (after every second arrow the state changes) (The best option would be for each arrow BIG))(@Kakyou)
  • The Blood particle effects does not leave blood textures on the ground (@Kakyou)
  • Blood does not behave as a fluid (@Kakyou)
  • Swords do not bent when hitting armor (@Kakyou)
  • Spoons does not fill with the tasty meal and the tasty meal stays always the same (@Kakyou)
  • The chisel magically changes its position after picking up the mortar (@Kakyou)
  • The phial is not visibly filled with the brewed liquid (@Kakyou)
  • NPCs says they are giving items to the player but those items are not visibly in the NPCs hands (@Kakyou)

Models Player

  • Missing horse reins on horse reins outside cutscenes (@Kakyou)
  • No visible dagger on the character model (inventory screen, model) (scabbard and suspension included) (@Kakyou)
  • No scabbard and suspension for the wooden sword but it is sheathed anyway (@Kakyou)
  • Belts does not seem to be an own physical entity anymore (@Kakyou)

Models NPC

  • No visible dagger on the bandit (scabbard and suspension included) (@Kakyou
  • Some Guards with polearms misses their secondary weapon (@Kakyou)
  • The basket with wood does not have enough states it is empty, half-empty and full, therefore the transition between states looks too skippy (@Kakyou)
  • No scabbard and suspension for the wooden sword but it is sheathed anyway (@Kakyou)
  • Belts does not seem to be an own physical entity anymore (@Kakyou)

Already fixed


What do you mean precisely? Do you mean wear down of a weapon?

Both, thank you :slight_smile:

They cut some animations ? They shouldnt charge 60 for this game then

@Everyone: you are invited to post your findings, so they might be fixed :slight_smile:


No they are just missing for now, therefore this thread is to address theese things, so that they could be fixed, either for release, day one patch or later patches.

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Usually what happens after the game realeased is they leave few Devs to continualy work on the game by adding new small content and fixing bugs to save money for company.

I just saw that you were asking about this topic in weekly torch. I am sure that Henrieta will answer all your quetions :wink: But I just wanted to let you know that I´ve added your feedback to our tracking system few days ago. We are really glad that our cummunity is giving us precious feedback like this. Time spent on this wasn´t a waste :wink: Thank you for you participation and support!

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You’re welcome and thank you very much :slight_smile:

Please note, that I edit the first post, so check there regularly. I am sure this topic will be filled sooner or later also with feedback from others :slight_smile: