Mod Ideas -- 1) What do you think? 2) Are these doable?

Idea: Add Buildings and Mechanics to Pribyslavitz, Make All Vanilla Buildings Concurrently Buildable

  • Build both bakery and butcher, guardhouse and stables, swordsmith and armorer; changing Pribyslavitz’ layout as necessary to do so.
  • Add a tailor, a scribe, a mill (with a fence), a huntsman, a tanner, an herbalist, an alchemist (shop), a bath house, a cobbler, an inner stone wall (around the top of the hill, adjoining/reinforcing the church wall) with an attached central tower/keep. opposite the church, and an outer wooden palisade with guard towers.
  • Add farms and houses, a grocer, and a square or green with vendor stalls.
  • Change the labor camp to something else (perhaps this is where the Huntsman will go)
  • Figure out a system whereby Pribyslavitz’ income is less game-breaking and affects the game world, rather than having it just accumulate. Ideas so far: a) Have guards patrol Pribyslavitz Woods in groups dealing with bandits and camps as they encounter them, with one 5-or-6-man, day-long patrol costing about 1,500 groschen; b) Send out hunting parties to collect game and tell the brewhouse to go nuts and have the baker get extra stuff from the farmers and throw a banquet at the tavern for the townsfolk; with the niceness of it increasing the cost from like 500 groschen to – and reputation would be affected. Maybe people from other towns could be invited, if you need to boost/repair your reputation elsewhere (might not come if it’s too low though); c) Rebuild/repopulate Rovna (unlocked after you get the Skalitz priest to go there); d) Have bandit/cuman raids on Pribyslavitz, which can damage the town (i.e. deactivate/destroy some buildings) unless you/your guards/your defenses are able to defeat the bandits quickly enough, requiring you to spend money to rebuild. the idea would be for the bandits/cumans to be a major threat unless you’re there or have finished building the walls. Maybe the outer palisade could be enough to stop bandits but not Cumans, and the inner stone wall would stop the Cumans from going too nuts. The raids could get more and more serious depending on if you’re sending out enough patrols, to the point where if you neglect it long enough, the whole town could get overrun, walls or no walls. Like maybe if a raid pops, a certain number of raiders could spawn at each intact bandit/cuman camp in Pribyslavitz woods, in addition to a default number. So keeping the camps suppressed would become important not just for fun, but to stop huge raids from developing.

Idea: Henry is a Blacksmith; So Make Him Able to Craft Weapons & Armor; Incorporate Blacksmithing Perk Tree & Recipe Books

  • Start him off with existing arms (very basic like daggers, hunting swords, and horseshoes), then let him specialize in certain areas (maybe you can choose to be able to craft plate or chain mail or light armor for example; or you can learn poleturning or fletching or bowmaking; or maybe you can’t make both horse shoes/armor/saddles and specialty lockpicks… you get the picture)
  • Eventually let him eventually craft custom/unique items (using existing models, but maybe he can mix and match grips, pommels, blades, etc and influence the stats of the item, including visibility, noise, durability, conspicuousness, charisma, etc. for armor).

Idea: Prestige Skills/Stats/Perks

  • Make it so Henry can’t max every perk tree in the game in a single playthrough.
  • Instead, he can choose (maybe) one stat, one combat skill from {Sword, Axe, Mace, Polearm, Bow} and another from {Defense, Warfare, Unarmed, Shield}, and three skills (with some being mutually exclusive, for example Stealth and Speech or Maintenance and Reading). Chosen stat/skills are “Prestige” and can progress to level 30 and unlock additional (extra powerful) perks.
  • Possibly, some/all perk trees could have an associated malus to another perk tree (for example prestiging Sword might cap the other weapon skills at 15; or prestiging Pickpocketing might cap Speech at 10); or certain regular perks could be off-limits if you get a certain prestige (no Perfect Knight or Local Hero if you prestige in Lockpicking or Pickpocketing, for example)
  • There could be branches to prestige skills – like with Speech you could prestige Merchant (buying/selling), Nobleman (influence/command/bailiff bonuses) or Ruffian (threats/Intimidation); or with Alchemy you could prestige in Healing, Poisons, or Crafting.
  • Lethean Water would reverse your prestige perks but not your decisions on which trees to prestige in.
  • Other named characters and some NPCs would have prestige skills in addition to Henry.
  • Some skill checks and difficulties could be raised extra high so that players will have extreme difficulty passing them without the ‘right’ prestiges, this would make prestige decisions significant and gameplay-affecting.

Idea: Change Weapon Perks; Get Combos from Skill Books; Make Combos More Useful/easier to practice

  • Have Sword, Axe, Mace, and Shield Combos be learned from skill books the can be found or purchased
  • Make Sword, Axe, Mace, and Shield perks be more like perks in other trees that provide bonuses, rather than just unlocking combos.
  • Make combos more useful/situational: some will ignore armor, others will blind enemies/lower their accuracy, others will slow them, others may disarm them/unequip a shield, another might reposition you behind an enemy, there might be one that automatically applies headcracker, etc. etc.
  • Create a practice dummy, for practicing combos on a target that doesn’t move or block, just to get the timing/technique down.

Idea: Add Roving Bands of Bandits/Cumans that Spawn from Camps

  • Leaving bandit/Cuman camps uncleared would cause more enemies to gather there slowly (one or two per in-game day), and when a certain number had showed up, they’d start traveling up and down the roads attacking whoever they find.
  • They might even attack cities, but places like Rattay and Sasau would spawn additional guards/wake & activate all guards when attacked, so at least some places would be mostly safe.
  • Clearing a camp would stop enemies from spawning there for five days to a week.
  • Towns with Bailiffs who are alive would send out guard patrols periodically which would counteract bandit patrols to some extent.