Mod query : Reduction of wet surfaces and visiblity rain at night


Any mods out that reduce the reflection/glare/gloss on ‘wet’ textures?
And also that make the rain less visible and more transparent or virtually invisible?

These are particularly glaring (no pun)at night or in darkness.

Thank you


I’ve noticed what you are referring to. In some situations using Nighthawk in the rain causes the rain to look Lit up, like . . . wait for it . . . purple rain, puurrppllee rain . . . :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nah, I’m just kidding about the “purple” part. But the lit up part is a real thing I’ve observed and it is a bit "non-immersive. What it looks like is that, the nighthawk potion is being modeled by putting a non-directional light source in or near the camera the rain at a certain distance from the camera is reflecting this light source, so it looks like there is a “sheet” of lit up rain fall about 2 meters or so in front of the player character, but mostly invisible rain closer than that and mostly darkness obscured rain beyond that.


Thank you for the comment.

This is not uncommon among games though. Even when they have the technology they seem to want to make everything pop. It’s extreme in most cases and no different with KCD. I loathe that unrealistic plastic look.

I mean, whomever saw reflective soil…and at night?

Also, the rain directions need variety. Too often the rain is coming down at a strong angle as if it is a hard rain being blown by a hard wind. Yet it’s sunny outside, there’s no wind of note and the rain is softly pattering.


Agree, the “glisten” effect from surfaces being moist in low light conditions with some random light hitting them could be toned down. I think it is a real thing (meaning, wet surfaces do glisten under certain conditions where it is dark and a light source bounces off of them); it just needs to be redialed in the game I think.


I would be happy with it being toned down for sure. It would be nice if this was an adjustable effect!
Maybe a certain cvar has control over it’s intensity.


Well there are commands for these things many are tied together.I can help but not sure exactly what you mean so I will show screens
also there are minimum 8 time of days with different lighting so thats another thing.
Can get very complicated with all the different settings, I run with lots of extras so I tried to put settings somewhat default from memory,so first up.
quick reflection/glare/gloss
e_ShadowsCastViewDistRatioLights =
View dist ratio for shadow maps casting for light sources.EG look at values in screens for different distances.

r_RainAmount = 1
Sets rain amount
Usage: r_RainAmount=1 Default

r_RainDistMultiplier = 2.5
Rain layer distance from camera multiplier


That is excellent thank you. I will have a poke around later though as a recommendation, what do you suggest the values be for both. I don’t want to hide everything per se.

The second screen shot looks much better where it concerns the plastic/reflection, however it seems to be a lot of light projection from the fire. Maybe then the third image is more realistic?

For the rain, I wouldn’t want to change amount as I hope that the game decides that at random, meaning all storms are different however the camera distance entry is interesting. That could at least make it less visible to a degree.

Maybe something along the lines of a ‘1’ value


LOL I keep adding stuff,sorry man I will stop.

The thing is in the screenshots I set the time of day with the moon for the reflections to show up ,to give you an idea of what can be done with some simple commands.
EG: If the game is cloudy there are limited reflections,can not see moon ETC.

You will lose and gain things and it would take a few restarts to get it the way you want.If interested here is all the variables and commands for the engine.You can waste manys hour try stuff and it is also fun.

All Kingdom Come variables

All Commands

EDIT:Here is a video with different weather maybe at least 20+ different lighting combos for example
Better quality one not sure why the other video is such a low resolution

Some variables for lighting/textures
Adjusts the output brightness of cone traced indirect diffuse component
(0 is Dark ,Higher Number Lightens screen If Areas Are Too Dark When Full GI mode very experimental)

Constant ambient value added to GI
Helps preventing completely black areas
If negative - modulate ambient with near range AO (prevents constant ambient in completely occluded indoor areas)

e_svoTI_SSAOAmount = 3
Allows to scale down SSAO (SSDO) amount and radius when GI is active(Higher The Number The Darker And More Detail In Ground Textures.)


Been focusing on the e_ShadowsCastViewDistRatioLights = variable and despite changing the value, it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

I should correct my previous concern, in that it’s not only wet surfaces. it’s surfaces hit by light. Particularly on the ground. Maybe it’s about reflection as well.


Well here some reflection toggles

r_Reflections = 1
Toggles reflections.
Usage: r_Reflections [0/1]
Default is 1 (reflects).

r_RainIgnoreNearest = 1
Disables rain wet/reflection layer for nearest objects
Usage: r_RainIgnoreNearest [0/1]

r_RainMaxViewDist_Deferred = 150
Sets maximum view distance (in meters) for deferred rain reflection layer
Usage: r_RainMaxViewDist_Deferred

r_ReflectionsQuality = 3
Toggles reflections quality.
Usage: r_ReflectionsQuality [0/1/2/3]
Default is 0 (terrain only), 1 (terrain + particles), 2 (terrain + particles + brushes), 3 (everything)

r_ssdoAmountReflection = 2
Strength of occlusion applied to probe specular

r_SSReflections = 0
Glossy screen space reflections [0/1]

r_SSReflHalfRes = 1
Toggles rendering reflections in half resolution

r_WaterReflections = 1
Toggles water reflections.
Usage: r_WaterReflections [0/1]
Default is 1 (water reflects)

r_WaterReflectionsQuality = 4
Activates water reflections quality setting.
Usage: r_WaterReflectionsQuality [0/1/2/3]
Default is 0 (terrain only), 1 (terrain + particles), 2 (terrain + particles + brushes), 3 (everything)


Thank you. I do like the reduction in range of lighting as shown in your original images using that ratio cvar. I am hoping i can get it to work.


IF you get it they way you want,can you post your settings.


If I understand correctly, the problem is that certain surfaces are too reflective.
I think that the main problem is not in the lighting, but in textures. Every texture has its own gloss map, which determine how is the surface reflective.