Mod Thought: Fewer Knightly Bandits

This is a late game thing. The number of knightly bandits in the end game is IMHO kind of silly, and the loot they drop makes money making crazy easy. So two things:

  1. I want knightly bandits to be very, very rare.
  2. I want pretty much all loot drops to be much, much smaller. No golden spurs. No Milanese armor dropping off of every other bandit. You get the idea.
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i do think knightly bandits should be rare, and larger, less armed groups of bandits should be more common.
maybe a mix of decent armor and crap armor with bandits. Ie: you can raid decent gear off bandits…but it’s far less common to see guys with a full set (bandit camp leaders excluded)

Don’t random bandits scale with your armor rating?

For roleplaying purpose, my Henry usually travel with light/medium armor and switch to heavy armor only when going to battle.

I would bet that my random encounters are more lightly armored than when I’m full armor myself.

that might be true, in that case, wearing great armor is almost a money making exploit. combat may be more difficult…but the payout is incredible

I usually travel around in full Milanese plate (sometimes without the leg armor though) and run into all different levels of bandits from simple gambeson to plate or fully armored Cumans.